Venture Voice Podcast

Greg Galant – who does the Venture Voice podcast – just posted an interview he did with me on Monday.  We did it over Skype which – while noticeable – was really effective. 

Greg gives good interview – we covered a lot of ground which Greg did a nice job of summarizing in the show notes.  We had a short discussion about the difference between a consulting business and a product business and the corresponding challenge of transforming a consulting business to a product business. We also talking about the transition I made from entrepreneur to investor and I found – as I listened – that these situations were eerily analogous.

While the first half was about entrepreneurship; the second half was about venture capital.  Greg probed around how to think about and evaluate VCs as well as issues surrounding raising money.  We covered some deal stuff and I even said something nice about lawyers about 27 minutes in.  At the end, I talked some about life before email and voice mail (egads – that feels like forever ago – but it was just 1991).  I also talk about the critical importance of listening to one’s wife (at least mine).

Verbal tick alert: “Ya know” seemed to creep deeply into this podcast.  As least it wasn’t “honestly, to tell you the truth…” 

Entertainingly, as I was writing this post, I got an IM from Jeremy Hague at Skylook who had just been talking to Greg (I’ve been playing with Jeremy’s Skype Outlook plugin) and Jeremy mentioned that he’d recently been interviewed on Venture Voice also.  “Small” world.

  • He left out a critical question!!

    “Gosh, you started a company when you were 19, what was that like? It must have been really tough, huh?” Just because you slyly slipped that in doesn’t mean it should have gone unnoticed.

  • Profile – Skylook (for Skype)

    Company: Skylook
    Launched: July 27, 2005
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Outlook is cool. Skype is cool. Get a couple of Australians to bang them together and what do you get? Skylook. It skypefies Outlook and it’s awesome.
    Skype doe…

  • Great interview on VV. I really enjoyed it. It is interesting to hear that you spoke with Jeremy Hague after you did VV. Jeremy’s interview was also very intersting. I will be downloading my copy of Skylook tonight and am exciting about beginning to use it. Take care.

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