Where Will You Be 50 Years From Now?

The very first angel investment I made after I sold my first company was in a company called NetGenesis.  Will Herman and I were the initial seed investors; I was chairman of the company for the first couple of years.  Eric Richard was one of the co-founders and one of the technical brains behind the company.  Eric stayed actively involved with company for much longer than I did – through the IPO and then the ultimate sale to SPSS.

I haven’t seen Eric much over the last eight or so years, but we email periodically.  This morning, among other things, he pointed me to the first letter to the editor that he’s had published.  It’s a letter in his local paper (the Sudbury Town Crier) titled: Nobody cares about 50 years from now.  Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” had an impact on Eric and he writes eloquently about it.  Regardless of whether or not you believe in “the crisis of global warming”, Eric’s thoughts and suggestions apply.

  • What do you mean “regardless of whether or not you believe in ‘the crisis of global warming'”?

    One of the problems with this issue is the way it’s framed. People talk about global warming as if there is actually a scientific debate over its presence. There is not, and we should not talk as if there is.

  • Global warming is happening… I think the dispute is with the cause of it. Is it a million year natural cycle? Is it man made?

    Either way, there is no excuse for man to keep harming the environment. One thing is for certain, however; even if we DO harm the environment, it’s effects definitely won’t be long lasting. If it boils down to a worst case scenario, it will be us humans to die off… Earth will still continue to thrive, whether it’s bacteria, or a new form of life millions of years from now.

    With that said, global warming will actually COOL the Midwest and Northeastern states, not warm them. This is because glacial ice water will cool the Atlantic ocean, and in turn cut off the warm Gulf Stream.

  • zmann

    As I was reading this I started to think about how many years until “global warming” changes our lifestyle in a SIGNIFICANT way. In my opinion the conflict that is happening all around the world (North Korea, MiddleEast, etc) is alot more frightening.

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