What Is A SmartLink?

You are going to see SmartLinks start appearing on my site.  They are from AdaptiveBlue and are evolving rapidly into a really cool way to enhance the value of a link.  For more on what a SmartLink is, check out the post from Alex Iskold titled BlueBlog » SmartLinks Primer: The Idea and the Technology. (<— Click on the little blue square to see a SmartLink in action.)

  • I see not a blue square. Using the Safari 3 beta.

  • Hell yeah for the semantic web!

    I just got done writing a long-winded post on R/WW about this very topic:


  • @Michael,

    If you mouse-over the link for a few seconds, the blue box appears.

  • Jenn

    @Michael again.

    That was interesting. The link disappears from the front page at the end of page load, while viewing in Safari 3 beta — but the link and the blue box are visible and clickable in the isolated posting page.

  • The SmartLinks JavaScript does not run until page fully loads. We are making sure that the content comes first, thats a best practice for a widget.


  • No blue box for me in Safari. Works great in Firefox, but I’m trying to unify into Safari because of the iPhone.

  • Only seems to use tagging, no text analytics. Cool, but would be much cooler if the smart links were a bit smarter and included the context of the post in addition to tags. Shows how far we need to go in this space…