Being A Student of The Pursuit of Happiness

I’m usually an excruciatingly happy person.  I’m a little cranky this morning because I have a cold and didn’t get a good night sleep the last two nights, but I’ll get over it.  Oh – and even though I’m cranky, I’m still happy.

Ted Leonsis just gave the morning keynote at the New New Internet Conference.  I first met Ted in 1990 at the first Birthing of Giants event that I participated in.  Ironically, five minutes ago, I bumped into Verne Harnish – the creator of Birthing of Giants and the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (that co-sponsors Birthing of Giants.)  Since I’m now way off the rails on the actual content of this post, I thought I’d mention that Verne was the only guy I knew in Boulder when Amy and I moved there in 1995 – and Verne split for the east coast a few months later leaving us completely alone in our new mountain hideaway.

Back to the post.  In Ted’s keynote, he stated that he’s been a 25 year student in the pursuit of happiness.   He asserted that deep scientific research (not cited) has uncovered five key things that generate happiness in humans.

  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Self expression
  • Giving back
  • Pursue a higher calling

Interesting to ponder.  He also mentioned that AOL’s peak market cap was around $200b and Google is now closing in on $160b.  Also interesting to ponder.

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  • Brad,

    I’m happy to see that other people are happy all the time (even when they’re sick or frustrated!)

    I couldn’t agree more with the points listed, especially ‘persue a higher calling’. It’s what keeps me trying and trying to get my company off the ground.


  • As an avid reader and student of happiness, I think you’d enjoy “Stumbling on Happiness” by Dan Gilbert
    A fun read with some useful insights into how perception impacts our imagination and ability to project what will make us happy. I’m not finished with it yet, but it doesn’t matter — I’ve already gotten my money’s worth halfway through.