Video of Shelfari’s OpenSocial Implementation

My investment in Shelfari has been a lot of fun. Josh Hug and his team are monsters – they get stuff done incredibly quickly. Plus I get to play with my books virtually.

In addition to the Shelfari web service, they’ve got widgets up on Facebook and MySpace.  Now they’ve got and OpenSocial implementation as well.

If you are looking for real examples of OpenSocial, here’s another one.  Demo starts at minute 5.  Josh – you look very serious – time for a smile.  Nice belt btw.

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  • Yata

    Belt and smile, yes.

    But also, Josh, please, stop being so many times ‘super excited’, you really don’t need this annoying gimmick to get us understand that you like what you do!

  • Shelfari = spam

    Shelfari are fricking annoying spammers who hijack email address books by making the opt-out feature almost impossible to detect. Stop the evilness NOW. It’s annoying A LOT of people.

  • I wrote a blog post addressing the complaints about our email policies last night. We have some big improvements coming that should fix what is wrong with our invitation process.

  • James Andale

    You and your readers may want to check out this reputable blog post about Shelfari and their practices.

    Here’s a choice quote from the post: “They are not changing [their spamming policies] because they give a crap about you in any way. They are changing now because the disadvantages of their under-handedness suddenly outweigh the advantages. They acted like jerks for as long as it benefited them, and as soon as that plan was no longer viable, they crassly switched gears and tried to pretend it was because they cared about their users.”