Skadden Partner Completes 409A Handbook

This just makes me want to crawl under my desk and cry for a while.  Can you imagine how much it would hurt if you threw that at a lawyer or an accountant and actually hit them with it?

Skadden Partner Completes 409A Handbook: “

Sneak Preview Here

Regina Olshan

Erica Schohn

Flashback: Regina Organizes Push for 409A Extension

(Via 409A Dismay.)

  • James_Mitchell

    You know how in certain countries a woman is stoned to death if she commits adultery? I don't criticize the lawyers who write books like this one, but I do criticize the Congressmen and Senators who voted in favor of this law. We should gather all of them in a large room and then keep throwing hundreds of copies of this book at them until they die. Don't throw the books too quickly, we want the death process to be unusually slow and drawn out.

    James Mitchell
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  • DaveJ

    I believe The Lord of the Rings is similarly lengthy and provides an equally accurate set of mechanisms for placing a value on pre-revenue companies.

  • Regina Olshan

    Hello, I am one of the authors and appreciate the love! Seriously, 409A is a mess but we all have to live with it. The Service is sure to view it as a revenue raising opportunity on audit and I believe is fully aware of what they view as prevalent noncompliance with 409A (at least with their highly conservative and technical interpretation of many of its provisions). Regards to all. Regina Olshan (partner, Skadden Arps).

    • James_Mitchell

      Regina, I trust you understand that the anger is directed solely at those who passed this law. Given that the law exists, it's wonderful that someone as skilled as you are is willing to write a treatise on it.