Come To The TechStars Documentary Launch Parties!

On September 13th the Bloomberg TV Show TechStars launches.

TechStars will be having launch parties in Boulder, New York, Boston, and Seattle. If you are an entrepreneur, or part of the entrepreneurial community in any of these cities, sign up now to participate.

I’ll be in Boulder and am really looking forward to an evening celebrating entrepreneurship and hanging out with a bunch of my favorite people.

  • Carrie Kane

    I would love to come to Boulder for this! I just need to make it through my Warrior Dash today (mud, fire and barbed wire). If I can’t make it, I will be there in spirit. Excited for everyone at TechStars!

  • Bummer.  I’ll be in Cupertino.

    Have fun!

  • Just registered, thanks for the invite. Can’t wait.

  • Just registered, thanks for the invite. Can’t wait.

  • NIce youre really lacky maaan!)

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