Finding Traction

Ever since I did the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run I’ve been fascinated with ultramarathons. After struggling through the emotional fallout of the six weeks after the race, I decided that for now I’m sticking to marathons given my work schedule and general life tempo, but I’m still completely intrigued by them and the people who do them.

A few months I watched the movie Unbreakable: The Western States 100 – it gave me chills and was hugely inspiring. A few minutes ago I watched the trailer for Finding Traction.

Wow – this is going to be an amazing movie. Nikki Kimball totally blows me away.

If you are into this stuff, go support the Indiegogo campaign for Finding Traction and help the film become a reality!

  • This is a whole different world/sport.

    I don’t know if it’s OK to beat yourself up this much.

  • I did the Great Canadian Death Race ( last year with 4 buddies. It was a great way to take in the craziness of these ultramarathons while only having to prepare for a half or full. I can’t even express the respect I gained for the soloists who complete these things on their own.

  • brgInRedSidis

    ahh…thanks for posting. I loved Unbreakable. Looks like a great project – it’s awesome that it’s focusing a woman. I like that. 😉

  • There’s also a pretty good movie called The Runner about David Horton and his project to run the Pacific Coast Trail in record time – roughly 66 days of 43 miles per day …

  • Wow… I can’t even imagine. Running in the woods at night with a headlamp seems like such a dangerous thing to do.

  • This is beyond inspirational. I wish it wasn’t an off day. I want to run right now.

  • Brad, Thanks so much for this! I’m really hoping you can get to Bozeman for a run with me. I’d love to chat about your AR and post-AR experience. I read your blog post about it, and have some experience myself with emotional fallout (see for more). Best of luck with your running, and thanks for your support of the film. I look forward to meeting you.

  • Wow, this is amazing!! GO NIKKI!!! Thanks so much Brad for sharing this.

  • Brad, if you find this impressive, check out James Lawrence, the “Iron Cowboy,” who is about to complete his thirtieth (yes, 30th) iron-distance triathlon this year. Besides the personal challenge, he’s doing it to raise money for a charity (In Our Own Quiet Way) that builds dams and water wells in Kenya.

    For race #27, James was accompanied by Dayton Hayward, a teenager with cerebral palsy. James towed/pushed Dayton with him through the entire race.

    You can find him at, and I think he could use a hand raising awareness of his work. It’s an unbelievable achievement, and he has only one race to go.

    • Wow – just tweeted it out.

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