Startup Life Book Trailer

Simplifilm created a one minute book trailer for Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur. Based on feedback from the last trailer for Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City, I did the voice over this time.

Take a look and tell me what you think. And, don’t forget to enter the Startup Life – Operation Win A Dinner With Us – it’s still going on until Saturday 2/2/13 @ 11:59pm EDT.

  • Love it Brad.

  • Very well done – and watching you and Amy via StillSecure – You two wrote the book on making it work – Literally =)

  • Jan Kabili

    Great promo. Can’t wait to read the book.

  • Thats great, now you leave me no excuses !

  • Nice trailer. (The voice over isn’t bad either, Brad!)
    It hits on some all too familiar topics… I’m glad my book is already on the way.
    Thank Amy. Thanks Brad. Sharing your (startup) life will help us all.

  • Very well done.

  • It’s a very important yet very ignored topic that we all need to hear and think about.

  • DJ

    Excellent visuals, but consider re-doing the voiceover.

    There’s a pattern where the question is louder than the answer. “Talking about money with your spouse? (really difficult)” I would make the “really difficult” part louder and slower for emphasis.

    Also, in the sentence “When you come home, well, things are a little different,” the “well” sounds like an adverb instead of a transition.

    • I also had trouble hearing some of the narrative. The tone was good, but the volume distinctly changed for me in the ‘answer’ parts that Dave mentions.

  • Brad, first, the trailer flows exceptionally well. The script is good, however, as others have noticed, the voice isn’t quite there to deliver the appropriate level of emphasis. Yet, at the same time, it sounds overall quite sincere.
    Identifying key words – especially those at the end of sentences in your trailer – and “punching them up” with a bit more, well, passion, ought to get’er done. My critique of the voicer over aside, the topic of your book is essential. I, and many others know that, from having learned the hard (and very costly lesson) through divorces. In my case, the disclosure of the divorce proceeding effectively sank a start-up company in the middle of merger talks. So, as the proprietor/caretaker of “The Whole Damn Net”(tm) I’m volunteering to help you promote your book by linking to the trailer on the website. (Will it have a YouTube version which can easily be embedded?)

  • Looks cool and is a good length. I find it refreshing that you did the VO yourself instead of slickified actor-ish stuff. Nitpicks: Around 1:06 — was it intentional to use the more colloquial “entrepreneural” instead of “entrepreneurial”? Also might be more on-message to use the actual sub-title (“surviving and thriving in a relationship with an entrepreneur”) instead of re-phrasing it. I also think it would have been cool if when you ended the video you identified yourself as doing the VO, e.g. “by me, Brad Feld” or some such.

  • Michael D.

    Great video – succinctly conveys the message. I didn’t notice it while watching, but after reading DJ’s feedback, I think he/she may have a point.

    Towards the end of the video (around 0:55) it seemed as if you might be introducing an online community/group site to accompany the book – a forum for entrepreneurs or their significant others could connect with others going through the same process. You weren’t, obviously, but maybe it’s worth considering.

  • Jarek Piotrowski


  • Im not really feeling it. I agree what others said about the VO, but I think the line art style is not evocative enough for the subject matter. It worked better for the other book as the content was more business related. I can’t identify this as a precious moment.

  • Brad – Excellent topic and look forward to the read. But the trailer could be spiced up: doesn’t do your personal style justice. Too similar to economic development. More Mitt Romney than FeldThoughts. Where’s Yoda? Where’s the ‘retriever-look’? Where’s “bullshit”? Where’s the soul, man?

    Also, on first impression, it appears to embody the (Mad/Brad?) man as the “Entrepreneur” and the long-haired lady as “partner.” Might be a chance to ‘move to the edge’ and promote more balanced gender roles, rather than standing back in the crowd.

    In any case – important conversation and will help spread the good word, trailer be damned.

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