The Sphero Peacekeeper

Do you like your Sphero? How about getting one that is 2500x larger than the current Sphero? That’s the new Sphero product – Peacekeeper.

Order it today on Indiegogo. Along with some other cool Sphero stuff.

  • Original 2500x smaller version was in the Thalmic labs Myo spot that’s been hammering the blogs.

  • Unfair – I was just starting in on a rant about “The first time some idiot deliberately trips a jogger onto the sidewalk your ass will be sued etc” (yes I actually wrote the preceeding in quotemarks !

    I didn’t have time to check Feldthoughts yesterday. And yes, I was really thinking earnestly “does this really help Brad having me undermine what he promotes “, but “I must have the civic courage to say the right thing” etc

    So thanks for turning the volume of my “take myself too seriously input” back a couple of notches. – Happy 2nd of April ! D’OH ! – You got me – hook, line and sinker !

  • Anthony Bodin

    6 months on the first sphero down under (my ambit claim for the day) is still loved by boys 7 & 9. they never tire of it and there are no in game upgrades… yeh…..