CanDo – The Lavatory Workstation

I’m a big fan of doing stuff while I work. When I created my first treadputer in 2006 it was definitely ahead of it’s time. Today, I enjoy the Walkstation from Steelcase.

Recently I’ve been exploring new options and with my friends at Betabrand came up with the idea for CanDo – The Lavatory Workstation. More about it in the video below.

It fits nicely with my general theme of bathrooms.

  • Let me be the first: that’s a shitty idea

  • Nice, but I’m holding out until it integrates with Google Glass.

  • Those Betabrand folks sure make a lot of videos…

  • Mac

    Crapper Cubicles……the next step in the evolution of SEO

  • freds4hb

    I miss designing at Sharper Image

  • Now the correlation between daily work cycles and “The Incredible Waste of Food at Events” is becomes fully determinate. Does this have anything to do with Labor day?

  • This post is about 32 days late 🙂

    Seriously? My father would LOVE this. He’ll beta test….

  • Samantha Samsel

    This reminds me of a recent SNL skit.

  • Yet another reason why Google Fiber is good for America!

  • eabrandon

    I guess the lack of productivity in the restroom is an issue for people off the clock too. I give you, Urinal Gaming:

  • By Monday I’m sure you will have term sheets up the wazoo for funding…

  • Inside the box, economy back on track, run for President.

  • LOL

  • So innovative that a new book is needed — “CanDo More Faster”!

  • Hi Brad,I’ve never seen any treadputer in China ,and can not google anything about it in Chinese market ,i think treadputer will become popular soon ,coz everyone want healthy,right ?

  • Steven Benjamin

    I think this work station would be best for Coldfusion programmers. After all we make good use of the and tags all the time.

  • There is a reason I don’t borrow other people’s iPad’s. Perhaps this will inspire a new version of pay toilets. They could include a wifi connection.