Discover Some Awe This Weekend

It’s the beginning of summer. That is a good thing. Spend three minutes watching the amazing video below and get inspired to open your eyes and breath in this weekend.

As I come out of my depression, I’ve been systematically changing many of my tactics and habits. Simple things like deciding not to wake up with an alarm clock. Having a digital sabbath (no email / phone from Friday night to Sunday morning). Talking to Brooks the wonder dog when I take him for a walk, rather than have my thoughts wander around in my head.

This video reminded me to break that patterns that my brain has completely assimilated, in a search for awe, inspiration, and innovation. Thanks Anthony for pointing it out to me.

  • John Cook IV

    My favorite quote: “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” – Albert Einstein

  • John Fein

    Thanks for sharing this Brad. It further affirms a major positive change I’m in the midst of. Shedding those habits and occupations that keep us stifled and disaffected, and adopting a lifestyle that’s conducive to creativity and spontaneity.

  • Timely! Thanks, Brad.

  • Digital sabbath is a very good idea. Works for me!

  • tyronerubin

    This Article made me think of you. And all the reading you do.

  • Awe is in every moment as soon as you accept that this moment – now – is all there ever will be or was. You then can see that everything else is an illusion created by our “ego” to keep us out of now. No past, no future, no problems. Our problem is accepting this glaringly simple truth while wrapped up in all the bullshit our brains create. And it is all bullshit. We live only now whether we accept it or not, so we piss away Awe for the sake of mental masturbation.

    Meditation is not the practice of breathing or relaxing, but rather a practice of seeing the crap our brains create that dulls us into repetition, depression, boredom, etc. etc. It’s debug mode for our brains.

    The next time you are sick of yourself, ask yourself what is the thing that is sick of yourself. How can it be that there are 2 things in there and one is doing, thinking, or feeling stuff you don’t want to really feel. Why? That’s a good first step to seeing the silly fantasy world we create to avoid awe.

    Mindfulness meditation is investigation, brain reformatting, and training, but it is not punishment. It’s awareness and attention to bring you back to now/awe.

  • Awe, inspiration, insight, genius. Desensitization and doldrums. Inextricably linked concepts. The interactions of a highly sensitive person (are you one?) with the environment.

    This video reminds us of our limitless potential for improvement; for ourselves and our world. It also reminds us of the correlation both trusting your own perception and being receptive have to the convergence of happiness and success.

    Thanks, Brad.

  • Andrew

    Nice. Love the Jason Silva!

  • oszkar


    Please read the “The untethered soul” by M. Singer. It covers the same topic in great detail and depth.

    Thanks for shearing this video!

  • I love talking to the dog when we walk. I really think its therapeutic. Everybody else has to have an opinion/memory/comment.

    If you don’t actually talk, somehow it just stays rolling around in your head. Saying it gets it out and saying it to the dog means you are not muttering to yourself and you don’t have anybody to judge you/worry about.

    • and you are in awe when the dog talks back! heh.

    • Totally agree. And Brooks loves when I talk to him.

    • That is a great point. When we were going through puppy training as first time dog owners, we told to talk to the dog as a bonding exercise.

      • There are many, many people that say do not talk to the dog except if it is an order.

        For people that use dogs for work (including police, seeing eye, and hunting dogs) they will get upset if you talk to the dog.

        My dog’s work is to be with the family and she is talked to constantly.

        I also do not subscribe to the only dog food theory. I would be in better shape if I only ate kibbles but I would not be nearly as happy.

        • That’s true. Work dogs are different. We have a toy dog, Bichon Frise and he’s a happy-go-lucky kind of guy.

  • That’s a cool video.
    Who is that guy?

  • That was a great video Brad. Thanks for sharing.

  • DaveJ

    “There is wisdom in turning as often as possible from the familiar to the unfamiliar: it keeps the mind nimble, it kills prejudice, and it fosters humor.” George Santayana

  • Guy Lepage

    Thanks for sharing Brad. I’ve made it a habit to inspire myself once per week, every weekend.

    Growing up, I had the unique opportunity to be a part of a test demographic in the high school I went to in mid-western Canada. We had these massive sponsored motivational sessions that this video somewhat reminds me of. They were not mandatary for all students to attend, but they were so awe inspiring, I don’t recall anyone not attending. I don’t know if they were intended brain washing sessions from the corporate sponsors or not but it they taught me a vital lesson on how to reinvigorate, rejuvenate and create drive and inspiration on my own. A lot of my passion, drive and inspiration comes from videos such as this. It’s a formula that I continually use to keep myself from falling down and keep me driven.

    Thank you very much for sharing your experiences about your depression. The world needs more real men, such as yourself, that are not afraid to break stigmatic barriers. Please keep it up. You’re setting a great example for all of us.