TechStars Patriot Boot Camp: Calling All Veterans

TechStars Patriot Boot Camp is an intense three-day program that will educate and mentor Veterans and Service Members to innovate, build technology companies, and create jobs. TechStars hopes that participation in the Patriot Boot Camp will be the catalyst for Veterans and Service Members to kickstart their company, find co-founders and advance as entrepreneurs. Veterans, spouses of Veterans, Service Members, or companies comprised of 50% or more Veterans are encouraged to apply to our second annual July 17-19 event in Washington D.C.

As an interesting note, participant Tak Lo from Patriot Boot Camp 2012 is now an Associate at TechStars in New York City and a participating company from Patriot Boot Camp 2012 – Nexercise – was recently accepted into the inaugural program of TechStars Chicago.

This event is made possible by awesome sponsors SoftLayerKauffman FastTracSlice of LimePivotDeskSilicon Valley BankSendGrid, Galvanize, and George Washington University. The biggest thanks are due to these veteran entrepreneurs for their service to our country. Do you know a Veteran or Service Member that could benefit from a miniature TechStars experience? Please encourage them to apply.

  • Great! How can I volunteer to help veteran/service member applicants?

  • This is great. You might want to contact the Medal of Honor society. They do a lot of outreach to vets. I sent it here:

    • Will do! Thank you.

  • This is a great thing! Happy to help if help is needed!

    Semper Fi

  • Hi Brad – Funny timing… I just posted a short article about Kauffman’s Veterans Initiative on my Website. I’ll spread the news of this event via social and Websites. Thank YOU. ~ David Coakey

  • stephenfshaw

    I’ve shared this with the Marine For Life network.


    • Thank you, Stephen!

  • Tak Lo wrote a great piece for Forbes back in March called Your Start Up Needs Military Vets Heres Why

    The money quote was this:

    “According to a Kauffman report, the share of veteran-started start-ups have been declining dramatically over the past years; in 1996, veterans were around 12.3% of all new entrepreneurs, but by 2011 that percentage has shrunk alarmingly to 6%.”

    This is why the Patriot Boot Camp Program is so important.

  • Ron Schmelzer

    Awesome! Any chance we can give this some more visibility at DC TechBreakfast?

  • Clint326

    I’m a veteran (23 years in the US Army Reserve) and I’ve applied to attend. Seems like a really awesome opportunity to network and learn. I encourage other vets to apply at