Can You Fall In Love With Your Computer?

I’ve been thinking a lot about human – computer love recently given my obsession with Battlestar Galactica. It evolved from “can Cylons have feelings?” to “can Cylons and humans love each other?” to “what changes when Cylons become mortal?”

So – when I saw the trailer for Her, I thought – yup – this is our future, and we’d better start getting our minds around it.

I look forward to Siri starting to sound like Samantha.

  • Oh My!

  • If anyone can pull this off, it’s Joaquin Phenoix.

  • Joaquin and Jonze… I’m sold on the movie. Not sold on it being our future though. The tech feels 30 years out, which is certainly in the “more wrong than right” zone.

    • Jeffrey Hartmann

      I work with Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Networks and depending on the ecosystem of companies, investment, and computational power put behind I feel that it is much closer than 30 years out to having near human level artificial general intelligence. We might be as close as 12 – 15 years, the pace of advancement is just staggering right now. Techniques that took 1.2 million dollar clusters 2 years ago can now be done for around 40k. As we learn more and more tricks and build more and more production level scalable systems the pace is only going to accelerate. Much of the math behind ANN has been known since the 80’s, but we had computers about a million times too slow to pull them off. As computers get faster and more parallel, we are only going to see these techniques become more powerful and do more and more things at or beyond human level.

      This movie though definitely has a creep factor though. We probably should start thinking about it though.

      • Thanks for the update, 12-15 years would be sweet. I think the future runs along two rails, what we can create and what we want to live with. The latter is much harder to predict. 12 years ago you would think the future would involve all of us on Segways, turns out it just for dorks. Maybe a girlfriend in your phone will be just for losers.

  • Gordon Mohr

    Be sure to check out both 3-episode seasons of the BBC anthology series ‘Black Mirror’. You’ll love it. Avoid reading about it beforehand; every episode has aspects best discovered in the moment of watching. At least one episode explores similar themes as this post – I won’t tell you which one.

  • Looking forward to your posts after you’ve watched the cut-off-too-soon TV series Caprica (which tells the story of Cylon technology development. Oculus Rift is looking a lot like Caprica’s tech…)

  • panterosa,

    I was rather in lust with Iron Man’s computer….

  • This is for OS X Mavericks, right? I can’t wait! 🙂

  • asad

    BBC anthology series
    ‘Black Mirror’. You’ll love it. Avoid reading about it beforehand; every
    episode has multiple aspects best discovered in the moment of watching.