Defrag 2013 – Year 7

Defrag is entering its seventh year of existence. That’s kind of amazing to me. What started as a simple email exchange between myself and Eric Norlin almost eight years ago resulted in a conference that has grown in importance, had meaningful impact on my thinking (and that of many others), and spawned other shows, most notably Gluecon. Most tech conferences don’t last seven years, and they certainly don’t get better with time. Defrag has and is.

Eric has been outlining his thinking for this year’s agenda here, but let me point out a couple of things of note:

  1. Defrag is 3 days long this year, as we’ve rolled the Blur content into the overall Defrag agenda. This means that if you register for Defrag, you’re registered for 3 days (not 2, as in previous years). By the way, we did not increase the price as we did this.
  2. We limit Defrag to 325 people (25 press/analysts; 300 attendees) on purpose, as the primary goal of the Defrag conversation is intimacy. All of which is to say, don’t delay in grabbing a spot – it will sell out.

This year’s Defrag is covering everything from drones to robots to the cloud to APIs to big data. The full Defrag 2013 agenda is here (and it will continue to evolve) but topics will include the following:

  •  The History and Future of Calm Technology (Amber Case)
  • The Identity Manifesto: Seven Points On The Future of Identity (R Ray Wang)
  • Great, Software Ate My World. Now what? (Oren Teich)
  • Industrial Entropy and the Future of Work (Chris Devore)
  • The Coming Digital Dark Ages (Maggie Fox)
  • The Girl Geek Imperative (Lorinda Brandon)
  • How to make Skynet User Friendly (Bret Tobey)
  • Security in the Cloud for the API Economy (Andy Thurai)
  • Healthcare After The Deluge (John Wilbanks)
  • Existence as a platform: Quantified Self meets the internet of Things (Chris Dancy)
  • The Future of Flying Robots (Chris Sanz)

Jerry Colonna and I are also going to have a special fireside chat about surviving the startup life.

Use “brad12” to take an additional 10% off of the early bird pricing (which ends September 20th).

See you there!

  • RBC

    Ha, the one that made me laugh was “How to make Skynet User Friendly”! Topical!

  • The agenda is a little thin right now although I’m interested.

    • Defrag/Glue

      hey frank — eric here (i run defrag). i purposefully hold back on placing chunks of the agenda until we get to 4 weeks (even 3 weeks) out — to make sure that we have a piece that is as topical as possible (though we want other pieces that transcend the topical). that said, the agenda will be 85% done over the next 3 weeks or so.

    • The agenda shapes up over the next 30 days. Eric makes the process pretty dynamic.

  • Chris Dancy

    I’m a fanboy for R Ray Wang, Paul Kedrosky, Amber Case, Jerry Colonna, Klint Finley, Kin Lane. I get a feeling that there is something very special happening at #defragcon this year.

  • It may sound cliche, but this is a don’t-miss event. I’ve been going to Defrag since ’08 (tho some folks think I’ve been to every one, that’s not quite accurate) and have developed both personal friendships + professional relationships that I – seriously – can’t imagine not having today.

    I have friends met thru Defrag with whom I communicate almost daily. It’s just a fantastic group of folks that I look forward to seeing again each year. The speakers, topics + ideas are always evolving – the event itself is *very non-static* – but I can count on seeing (by now) old friends each year + fully expect to make new ones.

    I’ve said before privately that “…Defrag is like a family reunion where everyone likes each other.”

    Register. Go.

  • Defrag is so interesting

  • James Mitchell

    Brad — If you had to pick one robotics conference to go to, which one would you attend? I am not looking to go very deep technically, I just want to watch cool robots.

    • The only one I go to is Blur (which is now part of Defrag).

  • Defrag this year seems effective and better every year, right. It has promoted a number of advantages and innovations they attempt to complete it. I’m looking forward