Wellesley’s New Human-Computer Interaction Lab

Wellesley.edu Daily Shot for HCI Lab Launch


Amy and I just underwrote the renovation of Wellesley College’s new Human-Computer Interaction Lab. The picture above is a screen capture of the Wellesley College home page today (called their “Daily Shot” – they change the home page photo every day) with a photo from yesterday when Amy did the ribbon cutting on the HCI Lab.

Amy went to Wellesley (graduated in 1988) and she regularly describes it as a life changing experience. She’s on the Wellesley College Board of Trustees and is in Boston this week for a board meeting (which means I’m on dog walking duty every day.) I’m incredibly proud of her involvement with Wellesley and it’s easy to support the college, as I think it’s an amazing place.

The Wellesley HCI Lab also intersects with my deep commitment to getting more women engaged in computing. As many of you know, I’m chair of National Center for Women & Information Technology. When Amy asked if I was open to underwriting the renovation, the answer was an emphatic yes!

I’m at a Dev Ops conference today being put on by JumpCloud (I’m an investor) and SoftLayer. It’s unambiguous in my mind that the machines are rapidly taking over. As humans, we need to make it easy for anyone who is interested to get involved in human-computer interaction, as our future will be an integrated “human-computer” one. This is just another step in us supporting this, and I’m psyched to help out in the context of Wellesley.

Amy – and Wellesley – y’all are awesome.

  • Jeffrey Hartmann

    Completely awesome Brad, I’m totally all in on the fact that how we interact with computers is really making a massive change. As computers become more capable, and more able to reach human performance in various tasks this is only going to accelerate. It is so great that you did this, the new engineers who get to experience this lab will be part of the group really moving the needle in making computers more natural and ubiquitous. Congrats to you and Amy, and to Wellesley college on their new HCI lab.

    • Thx man – appreciate the sentiments!

  • Sheila Zarba-Campbell

    Huge thanks to you both from Wellesley!

  • RBC

    Awesome, and great commitment for you and Amy to get more women involved in programming.

    Do you think liberal arts should start making computer languages mandatory? If they don’t have the capacity in-house then a partnership with Code Academy could do the trick? I went to Seth’s alma mater Macalester – and suggested this to them.