Happy 7th Birthday Techstars

It’s amazing to me that Techstars is now 7 years old. We are involved in over 300 active companies who have now raised over $400 million. 27 of them have been acquired. They’ve created over 2,000 jobs. And we are just getting started.

There’s some awesome classic footage from the last 7 years in the 3:37 video below. Enjoy. And thanks to EVERYONE who has been part of the Techstars community – we wouldn’t exist without you.

  • Congratulations Brad and @dgcohen23.
    It’s impossible for me to forget this date because that’s also my father’s birthday. Cheers!

  • Can we discuss bringing a TechStars model to Highlands Ranch? Andrea LaRew, President of the Highlands Chamber of Commerce(400 companies) and Jerry Flannery, CEO/GM of the HRCA (95,000 folks) are interested in creating an Incubator model in the Ranch. With the Charles Schwab Campus launching in 2014 and the new Children’s Hospital and Kaiser Center launching in Dec., 2013, I believe we have momentum (The Big Mo). Thoughts, Brad?

    • You can do the Techstars model anywhere. The Global Accelerator Network is a collection of organizations around the world (www.gan.co) that have set up accelerators using the model. You don’t need permission from Techstars- just do it!

      • Steve Mahoney

        Perfect. Based upon the IROC global model, we will start in Highlands Ranch and then expand into Texas with an international hub by 4Q in South Korea….Thanks.

  • That video makes me so happy. I love that I get to live in the town that started Tech Stars. You guys ROCK! Congratulations & Happy Birthday Tech Stars- Cheers to many, many, many more!!

  • Startup New Zealand

    Congrats! Quote “We are just getting started”. It would really interesting to know whats coming next – Global Expansion, new verticals, partnerships, dedicated fund etc cant keep guessing so do shed some light. Also, I presume the numbers are specific to the Techstars program but theres definitely more to it considering the collective value created by Techstars + GAN

    • Absolutely true on Techstars + GAN. The GAN impact has been super to see.

      • Startup New Zealand

        Thanks! At lightning labs we always considered ourselves to be the New Zealand extension of Techstars 5 of 9 startups collectively raised $ 3.5 M but and about 14 new jobs created and this is just the beginning

  • You guys are accumulating major karma points helping so many people in so many ways, directly and indirectly. Thank you to all the hard working folks at TS.

    • Samantha


  • Isaac Keyet

    Here’s to 7. Well done Brad & David.