In The Future, Everyone Will Have Some littleBits

We recently invested in littleBits. It’s another of our investments that traces its roots to the MIT Media Lab. It’s also another investment we are making with our friends from True Ventures. It’s another one that mixes hardware and software in a delightful way that is part of our human computer interaction theme. And yet another investment in New York.

But it’s the first company we’ve invested in that did a promotional video for their product (the Synth Kit) with Reggie Watts.

Ayah Bdeir, the CEO of littleBits, has blown my mind with her vision of where she is going to take this company. Phase 1 of littleBits was, in the company’s words, creating a “library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun.” Today there are over 50 different bits that you can buy right now, individually or bundled in different kits.

This, by itself, is awesome. But the next phase of where Ayah is taking the company is just awesome. And, as a result, I predict you will have some littleBits somewhere in your world before you realize it. And, since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, we’ve got a kit to make a programmable lazy susan for your table if you need one.

Remember, the machines have already taken over. Get on board if you want to be able to play with them.

  • I’ve been a big fan of litteBits and Ayah ever since I met her 2 years ago.

    I like the direction of leveraging B2B relationships with manufacturers, so that littleBits enables other products. Maybe it’s the new “Intel inside”.

    Also, adding a software programming layer on top of the kits should be interesting. And maybe API/communications with other sub-systems like 3D printing, robotics and drones.

  • Leonard Welter

    Very cool – reminds me of those old electronic science kits (that did nothing but make a light turn on) growing up. It will be awhile till my kids are old enough to play with these. Can’t wait to see how they evolve!

    • Yup – I had several of those kits!

  • Chris Gammell

    I was impressed with the collaboration with Korg…but Reggie Watts as a spokesperson is way cooler 😀

    As an electronics person, my first instinct was always to scoff at kits like LittleBits (as I did with Arduino); look at sites like EEtimes and you’ll see I’m not the only engineer that does that (sadly). Then I realize what an idiot I’m being and how accessible these things make electronics; that’s a very very good thing. Plus it makes our lives a little bit blinkier, a little bit blippier and a lot bit happier 🙂

    • Well said! And – anything that makes people scoff initially is often brilliant.

    • +1 Reggie Watts is amazing. Great move for littleBits

      Looking forward to when littleBits becomes nanoBits and the real revolution starts à la Singularity when eventually what is human or machine won’t be quite as clear.

  • I love this.

    • I believe you made the very first intro for me to Ayah shortly after you did the seed round. Thank you!

      • i owe you a thanks too. i am thrilled that you are in this round.

  • I got to play with them at Maker Fair. They are very cool but a bit pricey for my taste. Maybe if I had a very small child I would think differently, but a breadboard and some parts seem like a better value from my point of view.