Amazon Prime Ground

If you think Amazon Prime Air is neat, you’ll love the new Amazon Prime Ground.

Spheros and Quadcopters are available with shipping still in time for Christmas.

  • RBC

    Suspicious timing to give an amazon plug just after your book comes out – are you aiming for some front page action? jk it’s a great video love the cow! #spheroLove

    • Nah – they don’t listen to me about anything so it doesn’t matter anyway.

      • RBC

        They should! Safe to say you are more profitable!

  • LOL, well done!

  • how do returns work?

    • That’s one of the features of Amazon Prime Ground. There are no returns.

  • What’s Free App

    Have you seen the Quadra that delivers a couple their wedding rings?

  • Nikki Braziel

    How extremely cute and clever! A little harness like that actually might be the accessory that would get me to buy a Sphero. I’ve been looking for a reason for a while, but I never play games. And my cat is pretty much too cool for everything… Thanks for sharing!

  • your name

    Just liquidate your investment. Nobody wants Spheros.

    • Awesome – an anonymous coward with a disposable email address expressing an opinion that doesn’t match the data!

  • @scalingwalls

    I remember Sphero was your holiday gift recommendation last year – which I took the advice of and have had fun with. What’s your holiday recommendation this year?