Help Get MakerBots In Classrooms Across America

Yesterday Amy and I contributed $10,000 to the MakerBot Academy campaign which is on a mission to put a MakerBot 3D printer in every school in the United States.

We did it via a contribution on Donors Choose, one of our favorite non-profit contribution sites.

We specifically finished out the funding for five MakerBots for the following teachers in their classrooms:

Amy and I are planning to give a lot more to this campaign, but we decided to do something tangible right now by finishing off several of the campaigns on Donors Choose.

For those of you who have asked in the past “what can I do for you Brad?”, here’s an easy one. Just go on the MakerBot Academy Donors Choose page and make a contribution of any size to one of the campaigns. You’ll be helping the next generation.

  • Startup New Zealand

    Awesome Brad, consider this done. I shall proceed to make the minimal accepted donation as (being a stratup founder) budget does not permit me to go higher. Shall also tweet this out. At DonorsChoose under the ‘Market bot’ category there are a number of product listings, can we go for any or is there a specific one you have in mind?

    • Thx! Go for any of them.

      • Startup New Zealand

        Done! Given to ‘Future Scientists need market bot” and do excuse the measly amount as I have not got an exit yet. I also owe you one as sometime back we made $ 45 of you that went to the charity Life Flight Ref. you were one of the first big names to come on board the test run

  • Bill Prose

    Not to be a downer, but has anyone considered the health effects of non-commercial, insufficiently ventilated 3D printers, which I imagine these school installations would be? The only news I’ve heard isn’t good, comparing 3D printing indoors to smoking a cigarette:

    We should figure this out *before* exposing children to them.

  • Terri

    Thank you do much for funding those awesome projects. Please consider my project for our school. I donated towards my own project. I will be giving up my lunch hours to teach 3D design. Bless you and Amy during the holidays and always!

    • Terri

      Webster Elementary, Livonia, Michigan

  • Lee Jones

    Thought I’d give this post a “bump”. A google search shows a huge charge of bloggers directing folks toward this in Nov/Dec and then nothing. There are still a lot of MakerBot projects unfunded (including mine). Donations were flowing when this was being promoted, but have basically run dry.
    Please blog, tweet, hastag, whatever you need to do to get the word out!
    Thanks for your support!
    Oh, and mine is titled “Let’s Print in 3D, with MakerBot!” 🙂