Mixing Startups and a New Baby

Nope, Amy isn’t pregnant. But Bart Lorang’s (founder/CEO of FullContact) wife Sarah is. And Bart has started a new blog called Startup Baby. Well – it’s sort of a blog, or a Medium thing – whatever those are called.

His first post is awesome. It’s titled Holy Shit! I’m having a Startup Baby! Here’s a taste.

Now I would soon have a child added to the long list of ‘things I’m responsible for.’

Hugo assured me: “There are plenty of books available. There are plenty of mentors available. People have done it before. You are not unique. “

Still, I was scared shitless.

I was scared I’d be a bad father.

I was scared that I’d let down my wife.

I was scared that I wouldn’t be simultaneously a good father AND a good CEO.

And you know what? It’s a few months later, and I’m still scared.

Bart is an awesome writer – and prolific. It’s the one part of Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur that I feel like we really missed. I’m psyched Bart is filling in the details!

This is going to be an awesome blog. And I expect it’ll be an awesome journey for Bart and Sarah.

  • Claus Christopher Moberg

    Awesome! I thought about starting a similar blog when I found out my wife was pregnant, but never got around to doing it. I have huge respect for Bart’s ability to lead a company AND have a kid AND start a blog about leading a company while having a kid!

    • Thanks Claus – it’ll be interesting to see if I can maintain it between the late night feedings 😉

      • Claus Christopher Moberg

        Bart – if you can effectively compose blog entries with one hand on your smartphone (or through some sort of dictation service), I think it is actually a pretty tractable challenge. Congratulations to you and Sarah!

  • panterosa,

    I love this post! It really strikes a chord with me.

    Should have done a startup blog as a divorced mom. I encourage Bart, and those who want to do so, heartily, for the recording of the journey. You might find later on you have memories equivalent to these. PantherKitty is 12 and here’s a sample of what she knows (the fun stuff):

    – @bradfeld – Sphero (when are we getting not one, but many?) (why did we miss the Union Square demo – we live a block away??), LittleBits (what is @ayahbdeir going to do w/ $11M?), MakerBot (can we get one? and learn how not to make messy plastic turds, but real things?)

    – “No, mom, I, am, wearing, the @fakegrimlock t-shirt to MakerFaire. When is the book coming?? It’s months late!

    – @alexisohanian Reddit, Splashy Pants (duh). “We need that new book….”

    – @fredwilson for AFSE and NYCS, “I still don’t get how Bitcoin really works”, AVC regulars known by handle or name.

    – I judge a panel of teams – “How were their slides (did they suck)? What’s their value prop and MVP?”

    – Business plans are super boring and irrelevant hockey sticks of projections – you’re a Lean Startup discovering your business model!

    – She wants to learn to code to make an algorithm for an app which sorts out how to up your chances of sitting next to the person you want to at lunch, above you are one in 4 and that’s just 33%. Would be almost as cool as Snapchat.

    A really good book with advice on startups and keeping your wits is like a “portable” @jerrycolonna. And CEO’s need a good coach.

    For all the time I wrung my hands to Jerry that I was not there for her enough as I worked long hours, he pointed me back to what life lessons she gets from seeing things like this. Plus the reality that making your dream is damn hard work. That passion is what gets awesome people up every day, as well as the place where that unconditional love comes from that cradles her. That his favorite “Live the Question” phrase works.

    Once you realize you will be forgiven for missing a volleyball game or not packing the right sandwich or leggings, that having a startup mom is #awesome (I can’t believe some moms don’t work…), you will realize your life as CEO, parent and blogger are one lovely tangled mess of passion and imperfection.

    And that’s just fine.

    • RBC

      awesome comment! Love wearing the @fakegrimlock shirt – even if the book hasn’t arrived yet, sigh…

  • MorganHoward

    Parenthood… one of the few things in life that lives up to the hype.

  • Josh Mollohan

    Love it. I’m in the same boat. My son was born the first day of orientation at founder institute. That was five months ago and we’re still going strong.

  • Congrats Bart and Sarah. Having observed Bart from a distance and your honestly with yourself tells me you’ll benefit from this and actually become a better CEO for it.