Startup Boards Is Shipping

Startup Boards: Getting the Most Out of Your Board of Directors is shipping. It was so satisfying to see this today.

Startup Boards on Kindle

This was by far the most difficult book to write so far. The title we came up with should have tipped me off – it ended up be extremely challenging to make a book about “boards” not be “boring.”

If you are up for it, give me some opening day love and order a copy of Startup Boards: Getting the Most Out of Your Board of Directors.

  • Matt

    Sorry, I got sidetracked – ended up getting ‘Venture Deals’ instead.

    • Hope you like it!

      • Matt

        Wow. I knew I was ignorant about this stuff, but I had no idea how ignorant I was. This will require several re-reads.

  • Just bought the Kindle version…have heard great things about your other books but this is the first I’m actually buying…and for the record the others have been on my ‘gotta read someday’ list — but this one hits an immediate need/interest. So thanks! 🙂

  • Selling Innovation

    Very important topic for founders – before they launch. Have read your other books and look forward to this one.

  • Peter Skalla

    As an author, what are your thoughts about delivering the three major modern forms of a book when one is purchased–Kindle, Audible, and hard copy? Say for a 20% premium.

    I was thinking about this on my run this morning as I listened to an audio book. The content spurred the outline of a blog post in my mind and I realized again how difficult it is to skim back through an audio book. I’d really like all three for different modes of consumption. Audio while driving or exercising, Kindle while traveling, hard copy at home and when I want to really dive into the details with highlights and notes in the margins. Despite the marginal cost of two of these media being near zero, it costs about twice or three times as much to buy two or three mediums of the same book. Seems like an opportunity.

    I just ordered the hard copy. When does that start shipping?

    • JC

      Amazon does something along those lines called “Matchbook”

    • I really really want to do this. But the publishing industry fights it. It’s finally starting to happen.

    • Oh – and hard copy should ship in the next few weeks.

  • JC

    Already got mine! Gotta live the Amazon pre-order. Thanks for sharing your experience… Again… And again. 🙂

  • kermit64113

    Bought two copies – one for me (as a Board Member of several start-ups) and one for a CEO who just landed a big round (he’s bringing on three new Board members). Thanks for all of the work you do, Brad, for the start-up community. – Jim Patterson

  • Klever

    Ordered, look forward to reading it. (Since I just posted on your Danny Lewin book review, my advisor is Marty Coyne, who was one of the first non VCs on Akamai’s board in 2001 during the ‘dark days’ and is still on Akamai’s board. He runs a CEO Advisory service on boards. His advice has been invaluable. I’ll send him a copy of your book as well.)

  • ¥s Schriver

    Is an audiobook version being planned?

    • Yup!

      • ¥s Schriver

        Great to hear 🙂

        Dare to say when it will be available?

        • Probably about six months.

          • ¥s Schriver

            Thanks a lot. I’ll be reading your book asap and look forward to the audiobook refresher later this year. Best of luck with the book. 🙂