FullContact Makes Its First Acquisition – Acquires Cobook

I love playing offense.

FullContact is officially in this mode and today announced that they have acquired Cobook with Pot, Ski Passes and Dogecoin. Kaspars Dancis – the awesome CEO of Cobook – has a more seriously titled (and equally serious post) up at COBOOK + FULLCONTACT.

One of my basic strategies as an investor is to use targeted small acquisitions throughout the life of a company. In 2005 Fred Wilson called this approach the “venture rollup” and said nice words about me and it in his post when he said “My good friend Brad Feld is up to his old tricks.  Brad is the master of the venture rollup.”

We’ve been investors in FullContact for about 18 months. They’ve got a real business at this point, are growing very fast, and working hard on their mission of creating One Address Book To Rule Them All. If you haven’t tried FullContact’s Address Book, you are missing out. The magic feature of “unified contacts” that they’ve been working on for over a year is up, running, and amazing.

Cobook is a perfect acquisition for us. The Cobook team has developed beautiful Mac and iOS address books. We’ve admired them for a while and decided a few months ago to join forces to have them accelerate our development on other platforms. The full team is moving from Latvia to Denver and is already hard at work integrating FullContact and Cobook.

If you’ve been watching what the companies I’m involved are up to, you saw this move in November when Yesware bought Attachments.me. And you’ll see it from companies I’m involved in again, and again, and again.

  • Just an FYI. I got on the site to play around with it. The first thing I tried to do was upload my Outlook contacts. There wasn’t an obvious one or two click way to do this so I stopped and have not been back to the site since.

    • Great feedback, Frank. We’ll definitely look into the user experience for Outlook. Thank you.

  • hope you will bring many interesting information and more great people, good luck

  • makes sense. every idea isn’t unique, and sometimes it makes sense to combine and conquer. Seamless and Grubhub are a textbook example. Would they be tracking to an IPO if they didn’t merge? The downside is if your site is sort of easy to replicate, someone will create a bunch of ankle biters that you might have to spend capital to roll up instead of investing it in core parts of the business-I am specifically thinking of Groupon.

  • Nikki Braziel

    One address book to find them? One address book to bring them all and…

    Congrats to FullContact and to Cobook!

  • Rob

    Any thoughts on including a Sync for Salesforce within the product? Would make sense for a bunch of reasons.

    • Hey Rob –

      It’s definitely been discussed as a possibility down the road.

  • Henry Glover

    Will there be an android app?

    • Hey Henry – Yep, but we don’t want to make promises on the timing just yet. We’d rather ship the Android app when it’s great versus pushing it out fast and incomplete.