How’s the Performance of Feld Thoughts?

I’ve had continual performance problems with Feld Thoughts over the past few years.

Yesterday, we moved the site to Lagrange Systems in an effort to meaningfully improve things.

How’s it doing? And, more importantly, what’s your favorite high performance, high availability WordPress configuration?

  • rosscarlson

    Really looking forward to having this problem solved for you once and for all. Subscribed.

    • Presumably you saw the other emails on this issues that came up after this post went live.

  • Brad – There’s only so much hosting will be able to do here. You have 22 javascript files, 4 CSS files, close to a dozen DNS lookups and a bunch of images being resized in CSS. Some of this could be alleviated with server side tweaks (Varnish, APC) but the page could stand a good dose of optimization. Some of the features might necessitate some of the things that are hurting performance (i.e.the sharing buttons) but I’d bet you could optimize the page and add some server-side caching and it would be much better.

    • Yeah – I know it’s heavy at this point. But the core performance – and stability – should be a lot better than it has been.

  • David Parker

    I only click through when I want to comment, otherwise I consume everything via Feedly. When I do click through though, it’s generally ok.

  • RBC

    Works well for me in the UK. Only minor completely unrelated peeve is I migrated to feedly and it requires two clicks to get to your blog. I usually click over to see new posts from you and AVC as there is great value in the comments, that feedly misses. still working out how I want to do it.

    • I’m a big Feedly fan also and I wish they handled Disqus comments.

  • Is Lagrange comparable to Cloudflare? (I use an entry level Cloudflare but my traffic is prob a fraction of yours)

    But to answer your question from a user point of view, your performance is great.

    • Re: Cloudflare vs. LaGrange – I don’t know – I haven’t thought enough about it or compared them.

  • I’ve had a related question about performance for a while, and this seems like a good time…

    On most of your posts, they finish with “This first appeared…”. I’m curious how your syndication is performing.

    Do you have different goals with vs LinkedIn vs some other distribution point?

    What have you seen in terms of performance (however you want to define it)?


    • “Most of my posts” – I think this is on less than 5% of my posts – probably 1 or 2 a month.

      I don’t really have any specific goals across the different channels other than experimenting.


    The performance isn’t very good. I thought for sure you’d have given everyone a way to make a billion dollars by now. Oh wait… Oops, my bad. I thought you meant… Well any way…
    I had a problem a couple times during the last week. would not load. But it loaded quick today.

  • No problem with performance… But text is blurry when viewed in Safari (7.0.1) on Mavericks (10.9.1) on a retina MacBook Pro. Some unnecessary antialiasing going on? FYI, looks fine in Chrome.

    • Are you sure you haven’t just been drinking again?! 🙂

    • tgodin

      I concur – same setup and same problem.

  • ergos81

    have you considered WPengine business or premium tier?

    • I have – and have decided against it at this point.

      • I’m a happy WPEngine customer, did you pass on them for a technical reason or was it giving up control?

        • Some control, some stories from others in our world that scared us off.

  • I don’t see any issues with performance as a reader, but I’d be happy to launch a DDOS to test it out for you. 🙂

    WordPress can bloat to a point where performance suffers dramatically. The biggest gotchas I’ve seen are almost always related to …

    1. poor SQL performance
    I’ve seen hosts that handle the http part well, but the availability of the dB is not nearly as good – and the site slows to a crawl. Poorly written plugins can compound that problem in a big way.

    2. poorly optimized xhtm/CSS/JS – as another commenter already pointed out
    Using a highly available CDN helps a lot. I’m a big fan of serving the extras using S3.

    Being able to scale up AND out quickly and easily when you need to handle spikes in traffic would be a big benefit for your site, I think. It’s only an educated guess, but I assume a fairly high percentage of your readers read at approximately the same times during the day. I’m a big fan of AWS to provide that kind of scalability, but it is not as inexpensive as people think when you start to really use it.

    I know you didn’t ask for these unrelated peeves, but I would love to be able to pinch to zoom on iPad.

  • Average to good in Chrome on both PC (Win 7) and Mac (Mountain Lion), average on iPad Air. Also on iPad Air, scrolling is very choppy and Disqus is a bit slower to load.

  • brucek7

    Not sure if it’s related or not, but your Feedburner feed is down right now… 🙁

    • Thanks for the heads up. Working on it.

  • StevenHB

    I don’t think that this is a FeldThoughts issue but I will say that sometimes the loading of comments is very slow – well behind the loading of the post itself.

    • Yeah – that’s a Disqus issue. No obvious thing to fix there for me.