My Message About The Singularity: Be Optimistic

I did a really fun hour long interview with Nikola Danaylov – who goes by Socrates – on the Singularity Weblog. We covered a wide range of topics around humans, machines, the singularity, where technology is going, and some philosophy around the human race and it’s inevitable Cylon future.

This was one of the more stimulating set of questions I’ve had to address recently. My fundamental message – “be optimistic.” Enjoy!

  • Thanks very much Brad, I myself enjoyed our conversation very much and may still come up with an excuse to get you back on the show and press you further on some points such as healthy life-extension – its ethics, desirability and technologies 😉

    • Happy to do it anytime!

      • Great! I will ask you for a follow up interview in a few weeks!

  • Jeff Jones

    I enjoyed the interview and the ‘be optimistic’ advice. I just bought tickets to a Kraftwerk 3D show in NYC and came across this song – it makes a good soundtrack for this post