A Little Techstars Video History

I got asked today for a picture of the four founders of Techstars together (me, David Cohen, David Brown, and Jared Polis.) I did a search and came up with a few, but also stumbled upon this beauty. This is the original promotion video for the first Techstars program, filmed at the end of 2006 and apparently uploaded to Youtube on January 14, 2007.

Following are my comments on the video.

  • Look how young David Cohen looks.
  • Notice all the excellent red and white fonts.
  • Danny Newman needs a haircut.
  • Jared Polis wasn’t yet a congressman.
  • Our Donkey Kong machine worked.
  • Foundry Group wasn’t yet started.
  • Our office (and the film) was done in our old office in Superior.
  • I hadn’t started wearing Robert Graham shirts yet.
  • My Treadputer v1.0 was up and running.
  • David Brown looks exactly like he does today.
  • We didn’t have the .com domain yet.

It used to be hard to find historical artifacts like this. They lived in an attic or a basement and were covered by dust. The web is just amazing.

  • Eugene Wan

    I had the Donkey Kong fixed! It works!

    • You are a good man.

    • David Cohen

      i wanna come play!

  • This is hilarious, are you sure it was filmed in 2006? With the music and Danny’s hair (is he wearing a white suit?) I’m getting a ’80’s / Miami Vice vibe. 😀

    • Danny still echos the Miami Vice vibe, even in 2014.

  • David Brown

    I’ve looked the same since first grade and have an old picture to prove it.

    • Scan it – upload it here. I’d love to see it. Click the little photo box in the bottom left of the comment box (the icon on the left where “Post as …” is on the right when you are making a comment.

      • David Brown

        Your wish is my… embarrassment?

        • Oh man – you do look exactly the same, especially those eyebrows and the smile. Genetics are amazing.

  • Dave Linhardt

    It’s fascinating how the concept has stayed pretty much the same as it was conceived in the beginning. Ignoring the stylistic elements for a second, the vision is spot on with what Techstars is today. I think this is a testament to how visionary and forward-thinking the concept was at the time. Well done.

    • The high level concept is very close. The implementation has evolved A LOT.

      • As someone who went through the first program, I can absolutely confirm Brad’s statement (though why would anyone question him?). The fundamentals are still there – mentorship driven accelerator. But everything else, including the vast size of the network now, are quite different. And all for the better. TechStars changed my life and I hope “alpha testers” for the program, we impacted it in at least some way. Thanks Brad for posting this…trip down memory lane!

  • Kelly Taylor

    KC with a beard, awesome.

    • Yeah – he was cute back then, eh?

  • roycehaynes

    The first video I watched about TechStars was on Vimeo ~4 years ago and it was you (Brad) and David Cohen talking to the first batch of TechStars companies. After watching it, I started following folks from the first class on twitter like Tom Chikoore of Filtrbox. We’re friends ’till this day.

    • roycehaynes

      I think the video is now private but it was titled, “Starting your startup.” Anyway, that one video led to a bunch of google searching on the word “startup” and eventually led me to moving here to Colorado.

  • Gingerale

    Do the rest of you look the same?

    • Hah! Not at all. Age has gotten ahold of me.

  • David Cohen

    not sure if you remember, but the sweater you are wearing in this video is mine. your tshirt wasn’t a good look that day, according the the video guy.

    • Hah – I had totally forgotten that.

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