A Makerbot Sculpture of Me

Whenever one of my partners has a significant exit the other partners gives him a gift. These take the form of super creative, often self-referential things that the partner on the receiving end would never buy for himself but the other partners knows he would love.

Last week I got a bust of myself printed on a Makerbot. It was made by Cosmo Wenman, who my partners found at CES last year. This is totally in the show, don’t tell category, so take a look at the 55 second “making of video.”

Cosmo – wow! And Seth, Jason, and Ryan – you rock!

  • Holy moly.

  • Whoa .. fun. Great to see what can be done ..

  • Claus Christopher Moberg

    That is awesome, but it would be a lot cooler if you could touch your phone screen to the statue and have it play the video. . .

    • Ooh – I see a snowshoe app in my future.

  • OK, maybe complaining works. I was just able to play the video.

  • Much cooler without the AdWords 😉

  • Philip Smith

    Yes … your partners do rock.

  • That is ridiculous…your partners are amazing. That should be placed in the middle of the Boulder promenade.

    • My partners are, in fact, amazing!

  • meredithcollinz

    Wow. That’s pretty fantastic. Congrats!