Today’s Fun – Gnip, Twitter, Uncommon Stock, and Pre-Seed Rounds

FSA (Feld Service Announcement) – my version of a “public service announcement”: Moz is on the hunt for a VP of UX and Design. This role is one of our most crucial hires this year. The ideal candidate will come to us with experience and examples to show of very complex, technical projects that s/he made simple and fun. I would love for you to share this job description with your network or if you have anyone in mind I would love for you to send them our way.

Yeah, it’s been kind of busy the last week. Congrats to my friends at Gnip on becoming part of the Twitter flock. I have a great origin story about the founding of Gnip and the first few years for some point in the future. But for now, I’m just going to say to everyone involved “y’all are awesome.”

Last week Manu Kumar had a spectacular post titled The New Venture Landscape. While it’s bay area centric, I especially agree with the punch line:

Pre-Seed is the new Seed. (~$500K used for building team and initial product/prototype)
Seed is the new Series A. (~$2M used get for building product, establishing product-market fit and early revenue)
Series A is the new Series B. (~6M-$15M used to scale customer acquisition and revenue)
Series B is the new Series C.
Series C/D is the new Mezzanine

Today at 5pm I’m doing a fireside chat with Eliot Peper, the author of Uncommon Stock, the first book published by FG Press. Join us for some virtual fun and a discussion about fiction, books, and startups.

And – if you miss that, Eliot is doing another event on Friday at 5pm at Spark Boulder.

  • Will you be at the Boulder is for Robots meetup Thursday?

  • Jana

    WOW, when I read your post, I felt like a toddler! Will I ever be so intelligent? Not likely. Gnip?, seems like people know of this, but it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it. (Gnip: All the social data you’re looking for.) Now that’s a statement! I love social, I have no idea what Gnip is, but it’s something very social! With a ton of data! Who wouldn’t want it? Thanks for turning me on to them, I will explore.

    I also like your breakdown of series Pre-Seed, Seed, A, B and C, and the extra special C/D! Amazing! I hope all the founders who actually get to the letter A, let alone Pre-Seed, will realize how very blessed they are. Many startups will fail before they ever learn of such things. : – ) Personally I don’t think of those things, I think of getting traction, getting more traction, and then even more traction! I think of my product helping people, I think of what my product will turn into. It’s not my idea alone, it’s what the users will help me build. I look forward to that, I seldom think of series A, B or C. Although people in the industry might think I should be.

    For me right now, it’s me and the users, and I have to engage them and delight them, and shape what they give back to me. That’s called: HELL before the Pre-Seed Round! Don’t forget to tell people about HELL. Love you Mr. Feld!

  • RBC

    FSA – love it. As the Brits say – it does what it says on the tin!

  • Never been funded

    What are the requirements for securing “pre-seed” funding? I’ve always had trouble finding investors willing to provide that. Is that something you get from VCs or is that the “family and friends” money?

    • Friends and family.

      • Soon to be funded… maybe?

        Are you my “friends and family”?