Dear Internet: Let’s Demo The Slow Lane

Yesterday when we were having Comcast issues in downtown Boulder, I thought about how slow the Internet speed at my office was. For several hours, it was 0 Mbps down and 0 Mbps up (0/0) until I gave up and tethered my iPhone to my computer and used Verizon LTE for the rest of the afternoon.

When I got home, Pandora had trouble starting up on my CenturyLink connection, which Speedtest showed was 2/0.5. So I switched over to my other ISP at home, Skybeam, and got 9.5/2.5. This morning CenturyLink is showing up as 8.5/0.75. Recognize that this is my actual speed, not what I’m paying for and could theoretically get. For example, on Skybeam I’m paying for “up to 15/3.”

At my office, on Comcast, I usually get 75/25. But even that feels slow after hanging out at my Google fiberhouse in Kansas City and getting 800/? (I don’t remember what the upload speed was.)

And yes – as a consumer, I’m spending a ton of money for all of this Internet connectivity.

Fred’s post from yesterday – The Fast Lane, The Slow Lane, and The No Lane – got me thinking. When the SOPA/PIPA issue came to a head, the most effective way to help people understand the potential implications was to blackout the Internet for a day.

What if we did the same by Demoing the Slow Lane for a day. Algorithmically, all sites could slow themselves down dramatically, demonstrating what performance might look like over a 1/1 pipe. Or even a 0.5/0.5 pipe. I’m no server expert, but it looks like Apache has a setting called mod_ratelimit that does bandwidth throttling for client connections. And I’m sure some intrepid readers could quickly come up with elegant solutions to this.

Let the world see “Waiting for”, “Connecting”, and “Buffering” show up in their browser continuously throughout the day. Explain what is going on. Then click a button to bypass the Slow Lane and get normal connectivity.

Instead of everyone getting tangled up in the legal question of what “net neutrality” means, consumers can see what could happen if / when ISPs can decide which companies get to use their fast lanes by paying extra and who is relegated to the slow lane.

  • secureccloud

    Brad the sad truth is that for many consumers in the US (we are woeful compared to much of the rest of the world) that slow lane is still the only lane they have. They read your blog about all of the options you have and it sounds like a fairy tale. Their option is the AT&T or some other provider DSL like that tops out at 1.5 on a good theoretical day. We refuse for I don’t know why in this country to make bandwidth part of our critical infrastructure. But then again even if we did, what good would it do, our infrastructure is crumbling around us and we don’t do anything. I have a 50mbs fiber connection to my house and only a 4.5mbs connection in my office, it seems absurd. Not even touching on the whole net neutrality issue. We should all have real broadband!

    • Oh – I completely agree with you on this. Maybe people should see what 0.25/0.25 looks like…

    • Keith Brings

      My understanding is the goverment actually gave a quite a bit of money to telecoms to lay fiber optics, they just never actually bothered to finish the project.

    • Agree on the themes however we (US) are still top 10 in the world for retail IP, and most of the rest of the world is not close, so this is not just a US problem (consider China and India alone; e.g. I have employees in India that can’t get a good enough retail connection to do a video call with me from home, and that’s using a video service that we specifically engineer to deal with bad networks).

      That said, agree “real broadband” is critical to our future, it is inexcusable that we don’t get there and a slow lane day is a terrific idea for raising awareness.

  • Here’s another good article on the issue and how it could impact startups – this time from MIT Review.

  • kermit64113

    This is a good idea (and I’ve been to your house in the Fiberhood – great place!). Like your other commenter, we should have “CAFE (auto industry MPG) Standards” for the Internet. I think Chairman Wheeler is going to put these standards in place. While many want to dump on Comcast (and I cringe with many service calls), I have learned through one of the start-ups I am advising (StepOne Inc.) that the array of issues inherent with wiring homes is large. This is not to justify poor node or other outside plant engineering, but there is no “standard configuration” when it comes to connecting homes in Cherry Creek (70 years old), Aurora (25 years old) or my getaway place in Fraser (8 years old). In our tech world, everything is brand-spanking new. Homes aren’t. (And I haven’t even started with the array of modems/ Roku/ Tivo/ and other boxes that connect to cable splitters). – Jim Patterson

  • minus_one

    What you suggest would be useful in the US (probably a subset even there). Tunnel to somewhere like say India, and you can feel the pinch. We barely have any speed. The govt defines broadband as .5/.25. And that comes for a hefty price.
    On the other hand, what you could do is, make browsers install something at the client side and watch them struggle browsing. Remember, although the blackout was there, there was an easy way to simply navigate to the site once you read the message. Doing that at the client side is the easiest, without affecting anybody and also making the message clear.

  • kevando

    you first 🙂

    • I’m on it. Working at it.

      • Henry Sztul

        Brad, I Shared this on Hacker News this morning because I think this is a great idea. Have you made any headway on this yet? Would love to help where I can.

        • Thx – love the play it’s getting. Yes – there’s already a gang working on it led by @nickgrossman:disqus

          • Henry Sztul

            Great. Will reach out to him! Thank you.

  • this is great brad. i think we can do it

    • Yup – saw you note. Let’s do it.

      • LE

        Brad – Imo. It’s a waste of time and the wrong way to approach this problem. A placebo to make you feel good for sure.

        The way to get what you want is not by protest or simple acts (like poor uneducated people have to often resort to because of limited tools and financial means) but by using your brains and perhaps your influence to come up with words and actions that convinces the people who are in a position to do something to do something about this.

        The way to do this is not by slowing things down on your blog (or Fred’s or Hacker News) to try and make a point. Hoping that it inspires others to do the heavy lifting for you. Not the way to leverage what you can do.

        I remember back on Fred’s blog when he said he didn’t try to talk to some regulator and correct them (I think that was the issue) because “everything I have to say about this issue is right on my blog). Well guess what? The person you need to convince doesn’t read your blog. You will have to make it easy for them to understand what you want them to understand (and I think he obviously is going that route now).

        • Oh – I’m not being clear. I’m focusing on Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

          Remember SOPA/PIPA.

  • I would like to see Netflix serving B&W versions of movies to the clients of non-neutral providers. The official line could be something along “this movie have been optimized for the low bandwith connections by removing colors and stereo sound”

    • Oooh – that’s a good one.

  • I think you have to use analogies people can understand.

    I wrote a variation of this on Fred’s blog.

    ISP’s are a utility no different than any other utility. So no different than systems engineering where you can model: electricity, water, and mechanical systems in the same way lets do it with water.

    What the ISP’s are proposing is to throttle bandwidth to companies that don’t pay access fees.

    Water companies could install a meter on every toilet. They could require the toilet companies to pay a fee so they would fill up quickly.

    If a new upstart toilet company had a better product but couldn’t pay the fee, everyone would think that toilet was terrible because it would not fill up fast enough in the morning so that it could be used by one family member.

    The water company has no control over how and why I use my water. The ISP should have no control over how and why I use my bandwidth.

    • Great analogy.

      • Justizin

        it’s a TERRIBLE analogy. A better analogy is that a neighbor of yours opens a business that consumes massive amounts of water, and in order to make sure your fucking toilet still works, the water company limits their maximum bandwidth usage. When companies did this with Netflix, that meant capping the total bandwidth flowing in from netflix to _over half_ of their total capacity. There is an argument to be made for Comcast managing their capacity better, but ISPs are never going to deliver your maximum bandwidth all of the time. The agreement between Netflix and Comcast is not to prioritize netflix within the existing infrastructure, it’s to increase the total bandwidth by, following the analogy, running dedicated water lines to them that won’t interfere with everyone’s toilet usage. If they do it right, it should actually make non-netflix sites _faster_. It makes no sense for a consumer internet company to do something that slows down _most_ of the internet, but large scale content providers and all sorts of ISPs already share the costs of expanding capacity to meet demand. Upstream from your cablemodem or whatever broadband solution you have is an aggregate network where someone looks at a graph of total usage and plans capacity based on that, not based on how many 100mbit subscriptions have been sold. Google Fiber is only available in relatively small areas, because even Google can’t scale that bandwidth. What we need to do to disempower large ISPs is to make it easier to become an ISP. Municipal broadband backbones which allow ISPs to access consumers as a utility, rather than having to lay all the cable themselves, would open up more competition locally, and that would keep the individual players honest. Competition is something most areas haven’t seen with internet access since phone lines were the best way to get it.

        • In your analogy, shouldn’t my neighbor be the one with the higher water bill?

        • MatTrue

          Man, if only half of the net neutrality crowd had your economic literacy. As long as there’s at least two non-cooperating companies providing internet access in a given market, you’ll always pay a reasonable amount for what you get. It’s in everyone’s best interest. I have Uverse, but I could easily switch to Charter, and AT&T knows this. Now, AT&T and Charter could cooperate and bribe elected officials to screw me over and permit them to cooperate and charge more for substandard service, but why go through all that trouble? And isn’t the answer then to guarantee/promote competition (enforce Anti-trust regulation), not new regulations that could be gamed by the providers?

          • I encourage you to learn about Oligopolies –

          • I encourage you to read about Oligopolies –

          • MatTrue

            Of course I know about oligopolies and cartels. But we have laws against them, and it would take a lot of hubris for AT&T to think they could get away with collusion.

            Do you have any proof that a cartel is operating in my market or any market? Here’s my proof that there isn’t my market: I’m paying a reasonable price for the value I’m deriving from the service. Now I don’t know their costs and I don’t know what the service could be like if we had more competition/regulation, but my family gets a very reliable, entertaining, productive service for $45/mo. If they want to charge more for downloading torrents of questionable content, I won’t mind one bit, because that will help guarantee that they can continue to provide me with quality service.

          • Where do you live? I live in Boulder and I have no where near satisfactory experience for the price I pay.

            And oligopolies don’t have to formally collude to have lack of competitive dynamics in their market, regulated or not.

          • MatTrue

            I live in Reno, NV. What do you pay? Aren’t there high-speed DSL and Cable options? I know only having two choices isn’t optimal…

            And I don’t think Boulder represents a good investment for new competition, just looking at its size and growth:

            We shouldn’t base macro-level policy decisions based on micro-level market failures (“I have no where near satisfactory experience for the price I pay”). We need to survey competition and consumer satisfaction across the broad economy to determine if government intervention (outside of anti-trust regulation) is absolutely necessary.

          • Game Theory-they can signal without colluding.

          • Yup.

          • “but why go through all that trouble?”

            Wait…seriously? Because monopolistic rents are pretty awesome. I’m pretty sure that any company that could, without going to jail, would “cooperate and charge more”. If something is being regulated, you can be sure that’s because it would be abused otherwise.

          • MatTrue

            “without going to jail, would…”

            And you’re the one saying “seriously?” There’s a reason why the net neutrality is a top-down solution looking for a problem, and this is the answer: Monopolies are illegal.

        • No, I did not say that it is unlimited bandwidth, unlimited usage. The size of your pipe is limited by the water company, you pay for the amount of water you use. So your analogy is totally wrong.

      • Adam

        Why can’t we all just get along and share?

    • sara loner

      well put. thanks.

  • frodo wiz

    Its simple. Comcast is a road. Now they want to sell cars. Bad combination for the consumer. If ford owned the roads, guess what brand of car you would be driving. Since the feds seem to be in comcasts pocket, the point of attack would be the feds. Make life hard for them. Vote with your wallet. Comcast needs broken up .

    • William R. Mosby

      People voting in their own best interests. A lovely idea but one which hasn’t been seen in the wild for quite a few years now.

    • Vlad

      The problem is that there is monopoly for last mile connections. There often is no competition at the neighborhood or sometimes building level. Braking up a Comcast or any other ISP will not change that. You need to create a municipal last mile infrastructure that all IPS must use or force them to allow competition over there infrastructure or make it easy for new ISP to create there one infrastructure without all the red tape.

  • A

    My favorite part about all this is it seems that americans have forgotten the Monopoly clauses. Maybe I am wrong but, does not the fact that the ISP’s own the physical lines coming to your house and them not allowing other ISP’s down the pipe constitute as them as the single controlling entity to said good or service? Consumers are forced to use a single ISP and then we are forced to play by their rules.

    • B

      Right. That’s why we have regulations. Sometimes monopolies are inevitable–can’t have 50 different companies ripping up concrete to lay wires–and when they are inevitable, they are regulated.

  • LE

    Algorithmically, all sites could slow themselves down dramatically,
    demonstrating what performance might look like over a 1/1 pipe. Or even a
    0.5/0.5 pipe. I’m no server expert, but it looks like Apache has a
    setting called mod_ratelimit that
    does bandwidth throttling for client connections. And I’m sure some
    intrepid readers could quickly come up with elegant solutions to this.

    Forgetting for a second whether if this was done and could even be done it would actually work (I would argue that it wouldn’t you must of course remember those crash movies they showed in driver’s ed class, right?) And, exactly how do you get “all sites” to “slow themselves down dramatically”. Do you mean some usual suspect sites? Or sites read by tech readers and people who already care about these things? Do you think my mom or your aunt is going to connect the dots?

    I run “a site” and can tell you that there isn’t a chance in hell that I would do this.

    Not only that but for other sites if they were to do this they would potentially expose themselves to other alternatives for their customers (in search of another place to spend time) and potentially lose that user permanently by doing so as well. [1]

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. You simply don’t give customers (or readers) a reason to try another alternative and not be able to get to your site in a timely or user friendly fashion.

    [1] People are habit forming. One reason that Starbucks tries not to close a store for renovation. They don’t want people breaking habits and finding an alternative in the am for their coffee.

    • Why not doing a 24 hour slowdown. Have a big button that says “normal speed.” On the site, have a splash page that says what’s going on. So the user learns, and can speed the site to normal speed at any point.

      • Server Side is problematic. I’m fairly certain a wee bit of javascript that first turns off the visibility of all the dom elements on the page and then slowly “unhides” them could produce a similar effect with substantially less tinkering with infrastructure. Also, turning “off” the slow pipe would be effectively instantaneous and thus very satisfying.

        • Yup – the idea that is now bouncing around is a little Javascript.

        • omouse

          This is a great idea, similar to the STOP SOPA stuff, you just insert a little button or some JS and you’re good to go. Much easier than modifying server side configurations

  • rikardlinde

    That is a great idea. Here are my two cents, a button that puts things back to normal and maybe displays information about this and a call to action?

  • ztron

    I saw the death of “net-neutrality” coming in 2004 with the first publication of the Home Gateway Initiative. Right after that was when Comcast & AT&T both began
    acquiring competitive ISP’s at an accelerated “pace” where it could be seen that no further investment in infrastructure would be necessary without meaningful competition. I expect plans are for Comcast & AT&T to cooperate in interesting ways, making the cost of the acquisitions lower than upgrading or building-out
    superior infrastructure.

    I’m drafting a serious blog post on the subject, still need someone with knowledge & interest to help review it.

    It should be good.

    • Happy to review it – email me ([email protected])

  • rubbingalcoholic
  • figital

    The slow lane will wind up being TCP/IP over ham radio …. right from you to me (sorry Ma Bell). Break out your CLI until we can purchase a neutrino / Higgs-Boson router down at the Ace Hardware. #elinks @danchoi lol

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  • hameac2034

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  • Karl

    Stop calling it the fast lane!! It is the normal lane and the slow lane. The ISPs are not going to build new “lanes”/cables. But they are going to trottle the existing ones…

  • William R. Mosby

    I don’t have any facts to back this up, but my suspicion is that a lot, if not most, of the bandwidth I use goes to loading fairly high-resolution advertising video. I do watch a fair number of hours of NetFlix per week (say 5 to 10), but I wouldn’t mind getting content from them by snail mail if it came to that as it appears I would have a larger selection that way anyway. My observation over the years is that I still get about the same amount of work or entertainment done even though the computer and communication resources devoted to providing it has multiplied by what, a factor of a thousand?

  • Hypothetical. (and really hypothetical). What if you actually could get the service you pay for? Because of your occupation, it’s very important to you to buy high quality fast service. But, to average users of the internet, they might be okay with slower service if they could pay less. It seems like the pricing now is one size fits all. Instead, they ought to segment pricing.

    What I worry about is big corporates deliberately crushing potential competitors once they grow big enough to become a threat.

    • That already theoretically exists – I pay a higher price for higher speeds. However, I rarely get the speed I pay for.

      • I should have been more clear-you are guaranteed to get the speed you pay for!! Then I can see how different segments of the population would pay different prices for different speeds, like airline seats.

  • Bizwald

    As soon as the hack’n’crack communities figure out how their “fast lane” works and who is all on it…. and the open discrimination the upper-class have displayed by making rich and poor internet…. is gonna result in many people like myself that have been online… to cancel… and head back to the real world and fix the problems that let these asshole take control… or hack the living shit out of everything and anything related to the open discrimination of the upper-class against everyone that is not a corporate giant like them.

    I for one think number 2 is the better choice….
    I know many others agree.

    The internet will be for everyone or it qill be for nooone discrimination of for nazi’s and white trash…. NOT government… I think hacks that have not even thought about writing malicious code will more then likely come out of retirement to bring the internet to it’s knees until the open discrimination against the poor ends by the supper-upper class ends…

    You can do alot of things… and get away with it online…. you how ever do not hijack millions of hackers’s internet worldwide.

    I promise you… the war for control of the internet is gonna inject the hacker culture with new life, purpose and reason.

    And Now we have a physical entity to point the finger at. If your average joe using the fast lane.. you get what you deserve for selling out your fellow me for some corporate cock and support these common thieves and dictators walking around imposing as our leaders.

    If the net does not remain left alone I can promise you don’t want to be on the corporate side… they are gonna get the ass kicking of a lifetime… just for trying to pull this Nazi crap on people like they somehow have that kinda authority or right,

    • John Whitehouse

      I agree that HAcking will see a huge surge. People with the technical skills will be hijacking corporate machines just so they can download their music or stream their movies on hulu and such. I am fairly certain that was part of the reason for the huge hacker growth in the beginning, was faster connections and computer time. Aside from the challenge of course. I dont think an attempt like this would cause a surge in hacker activity, but if it took effect and these people were getting the same bill and less speed I do believe it would happen. But honestly it should nt happen because people pay for a teir of internet speed they choose and the ISPs should set prices accordingly. or put restrictions on the amount of usage like cable one does. for heir 50mb line you are limited ot 150Mb of use on their 5mb line you can use as much as you like. the price are different, but it works for cable-one. I am personally fine firing this communication from a 4g hotspot. the pages load sufficiently for me.

  • DogOn

    That’s what it’s like for anyone who live’s in the middle of no where. Try paying for a whole 6 MB/S when you only get 0.3 on ALL WEB SITE’S and all they tell you is ok well fix it over and over and over and move the ETA up and up. I always lol when people are like oh TWC is so bad or comcast sucks…..Plz try a real crappy ISP first then get back to me.

  • ralpho

    I liked the internet better at 56k and I liked the cost better. We can go back to then and remove every single thing for sale from the net. And all ads it was wonderful before ads.

    • sara loner

      The Internet always had ads. the first virus was actually a corporate greeting card made to capture your contacts and forward the greeting… which is actually a form of advertising. You should just go back to using a 56k modem while the rest of us professionals discuss a real solution.

  • DJ

    One thing we should all do is use a secure browser that isn’t tracked, like aviator–I’m using it now and you can tweak it, but, it doesn’t give google or yahoo your id. Also, we can use other email services… sure they may cost $5 per month, but they are offshore and located where US can’t snoop, neither can google. Also, we can use encryption on texting… All these may have an extra step, but well worth it in the end. They don’t make money off you easily. Sure, keep the google cr ap for youtube and lame emails, but, they will keep them forever and use you.

    Stop posting everything of FB and watch the outcry that their billions in profits decrease… please, cry for them. I’ve been paying for internet since 1993 and I am perfectly happy with what I am getting. So, why change the damn thing? Profits only. Just like gmo.. not feeding the planet, just feeding the profits and controlling the food chain.

    Don’t buy a cheeseburger for a week and you’ve already paid for better, private services. Just put priorities on what matters most and we all can afford to take control away from those that have control.

    This is a google acct I’m using, but, phasing it out to use for minimal and BS stuff. 🙂

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