A Drone’s Eye View of Boulder

Dane McDonald, the CEO of FG Press, took my 3D Robotics IRIS drone out for a spin around Boulder and the surrounding area. His three minute composite video is beautiful, and just the beginning of some fun drone exploratory imagery.

And yes, he got at least one gratuitous non-Boulder mountain snow shot in there. Enjoy!

  • Eugene Wan

    There’s also a great shot of FG Press’s first author, Eliot Peper, at 1:02!

  • megansweeney

    Looooooooove this!!! ummmm I so want to get aerial footage now!!!!:)

    • Talk to Dane. He’s the master!

      • megansweeney

        already emailed him;) Thanks!!

  • hameac2034

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  • RBC

    Will you be flying one of these at FG Press book signings to taser anyone who gets out of control?