Public Closing Dinner For Gnip/Twitter Deal – #BoulderWin

Whenever a company gets acquired or goes public, there is often a fancy closing dinner. It’s usually at a nice restaurant in a private room. The wine is expensive and the toasts are many. The people in the room are the founders of the company, the executives, the board members, other major investors, the lawyers who worked on the deal, and the investment bankers – if any were involved.

I’ve been to more of these than I can remember. They were fun at first, but now they feel strange to me. The group celebrating is often a very small subset of the people who were involved in helping the company reach its success. I can have a exotic, over the top dinner with friends anytime I want, so it often feels like a burden to me to do yet another fancy dinner. If I’ve been deeply involved in a company, I always look around the room and notice at least one key person missing. Enough time has passed that the celebration seems a little stale.

As Boulder Startup Week kicks off today, I woke up thinking about how many people lead, and contribute to, the Boulder Startup Community. This magic of this place is not top down control, a singular leader, or a grand plan. Instead, it’s the organic beauty of a messy network of people, all who are contributing their own talents and energy, in an ongoing, continuous effort around entrepreneurship.

Kind of like how Twitter grows and evolves. Twitter’s acquisition of Gnip is a big deal for Boulder as it brings one of the most interesting and creative companies in the world to our town as Gnip will serve as the foundation for the first Twitter office in Colorado. This is a #BoulderWin.

So, instead of having a closed, inward facing closing dinner for Twitter’s acquisition of Gnip, a bunch of us in the Boulder tech community are throwing a celebration on the evening of June 4 at the Boulder Theater to welcome Twitter to town. We’ll have food, drinks, entertainment, and lots of mingling with folks in the Boulder Startup Community.

Tickets will be available for purchase the week of May 19 with proceeds going to Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado. And, as Gnip was a member of the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, there will be a special gift that night.

Come celebrate with me the hard work of the 90 people who helped make Gnip a reality.

  • What a great idea!

  • Elizabeth Kraus

    Love, Love, Love this idea! I have been waiting to do something similar for my first big angel exit. Hopefully we’ll have another big Boulder win soon so I can return the favor 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to it!

  • That’s a great way to recognize that it takes a village to raise a company. We just had an office-warming party after moving out of the old Daily Camera building, and I said as much in the speech that I should have given.

    • Just read your speech – excellent! Congrats on all the progress.

      • Thanks! I’m a Denver guy, so I didn’t expect to be saying this, but Boulder is a part of our DNA.

  • tamccann

    Another great idea AND execution. Congrats GNIP, Boulder and Brad (Foundry)

  • I love the spirit of the idea. Very smart. I’m arriving a week too early!

  • Love this. Congrats! Shout out to my man, Randy Almond!

    • Randy is just awesome.

      • We’re old college buddies–ask Randy about his pet python! Or, was it a boa constrictor?

        • Yup, it was a boa. The things we do in college…

          • I had a snake in college. It was a baby boa. It lived for a week. We knew we were in trouble when the mouse we were trying to feed it stared to chew on it. When it died, we wrapped it and stuck it in a freezer for a while. Oh – college…

  • Hells yeah, Gnip.

  • williamhertling

    Congrats to the GNIP team. Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate.

  • Daniel Eyman

    Awesome Idea Brad. Best to you, Chris, and Jud

  • It’s such a great moment for everyone involved, and it’s great to see you and the Boulder tech community setting great examples of community yet again!

  • Wish I could be there for this.

    Applauding vigorously from Chicago!

  • Analiese

    How wonderful to see the spirit of our community in action! Bravo!

  • Great idea, Brad! Hope to make it out.

  • congrats on gnip. hard work, wrapped in a short sales time. nice

  • DJ

    Hey Brad, has the link to register for this been posted yet?

    • Not yet – should be up this week.