Support The Open Internet

Just now Fred Wilson posted an Open Internet Letter to the FCC that my partners and I at Foundry Group signed on to. It came together in the last 24 hours and was driven by our friends at Union Square Ventures.

If you are a VC and are interested in signing on before we file this formally with the FCC, please send me or nick [at] usv [dot] com an email.

Help us avoid the fast lane / slow lane / no lane problem on the Internet that the new FCC proposed regulations may create, which we strongly believe will stifle innovation, inhibit competition, and limit interest in new startup activity.

  • RemiSwierczek

    U can not have totally open internet.
    Music for instance with Shazams or any lyrics ID services in the wild is not able to exist as a merchandise.
    Music databases should be out of reach for those services unless they operate in U want it /U like it / U PAY mode.

    As we have it music is prostituted for free by PIMPS like Shazam doing the pimping job also for free.
    Time to learn some business basics from prostitution.

    • Net Brutality

      “Paid services” is a completely different issue. That’s not what’s being discussed here.

      • RemiSwierczek

        Today all music ID services are free! Just trespassing on other people digital property, sorting it without owner’s permission and giving away to any freeloader at the click of the button.

        It is criminal activity by any social standard in last 2000 years.

  • Rule of thumb: if Comcast is for it you best be dead against it. Comcast is a “BadCompany dot com.

  • James Mitchell

    Brad — With SOAP, the Internet community did a great job in flexing its muscles by voluntarily blacking out several high traffic sites. The blackout caused several Congressmen and Senators to change their mind and within two days SOAP was dead. The blackout created an enormous amount of publicity, almost all of it favorable, in media outlets that normally do not follow such a discussion.

    Why not have a second blackout? Not only to convince the FCC but if the FCC is not persuaded, to convince Congress to override the FCC.

  • LisaPNevarez

    The blackout created an enormous amount of publicity, almost all of it favorable, in media outlets that normally do not follow such a discussion.

  • I’m struggling with this. As I understand it, this is to allow the last mile providers the ability to meter bandwidth to customers. Don’t they already do this now (albeit with less granular control)? I mean, I pay Comcast for an upgraded service. I pay more and I get more bandwidth. Comcast and others have been offering these tiered services for awhile now. How is what’s being proposed here different than that?

    • btcomp

      I tend to agree, that if someone wants a humungous amount of Internet, which would impact others use, should pay extra, unless they are a non-profit. But for the masses that want to be able use a portion such as 300 gigabyte a month, if the resource is available should be allowed to do so. The amount that would be considered excessive and require more payment, would have to be agreed upon. We have done that with the Interstates. A heavy truck should pay more, since they degrade the road faster. It’s a tough call on the Internet. But to ignore the extremes would be dangerous. But I suppose I am thinking to hard on this. But that is why we have complex things, like Constitutions, Protocols, Agreements. We should be able to solve this, equitably and fairly, before we DIE!

      • “Nonprofits” are often the biggest scamsters of all. Names available upon request.

    • They would be able to throttle based on what service you are using. If I pay for a certain amount of bandwidth, I should be able to use it regardless of the service I’m using.

      • I agree at the platitude level. However, having built various telecom gear over the years, traffic segregation based on ToS, QoS, ports, content, et. Al. at all points in the network has been done for a long time for all sorts of reasons. If they are doing it for some sort of competitive or political reason, thats a problem but there are plenty of valid reasons for the telco/cablecos having the capability to do this to make the overall network work better I think.

  • I was happy to sign this. The phrasing in it was very good. Our govt has reacted quickly and stuffed a lot of bad legislation through without thinking about outcomes: Sarbox, Dodd-Frank, Ethanol, Obamacare to name a few. I’d rather see the FCC find a way for the participants in the market to figure it out. Ronald Coase Theorem works.

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