Write More Faster

I’ve been stalled trying to get through two books: Startup Opportunities (with Sean Wise) and Startup Metrics
(with Seth Levine). Dane McDonald (FG Press CEO) and my assistant Eugene Wan created a book cover recently to try to inspire me, as an homage to Do More Faster (with David Cohen).

write more faster

It worked. I’ve gotten a lot of writing on Startup Opportunities done in the last week and I expect this week to be a good one.

  • Love it! It’s inspiring me to write faster too.

    • I can’t wait to read more about Mara.

  • Jana

    Can I barrow Eugene for a few days? Beautiful book cover.

  • Kelly James

    I completely expect to see Eugene’s name on a real book cover one day. 🙂 Good luck with your writing Brad!

  • Mike Chan

    Hi Brad and all, what other techniques do you use to inspire yourself to write more and faster? I’m sitting on 3 or 4 articles, blog posts, and ebooks that I need to complete and I’ve just hit a wall. Would love to hear more about how to get through this slump. Thanks!

    • Just keep writing, even if it’s shit. Don’t be afraid to post the blog posts – get them out there. And on the longer stuff, don’t be afraid to cut / delete the junk.

      • Mike Chan

        Thanks Brad. You’re right…sometimes I sit on posts because I think they’re shit, when I should just publish them. I will definitely try to hit that Publish button more often. Thanks again!

  • Chris Heivly

    Perfect timing as always for me. Blog posts and Inc.com articles I can handle but decided to write a book about 3 months ago. Getting about 4-5 hours per week across 2-3 days (mostly Saturdays & Sundays) which actually drive me crazy as I feel like I am wasting the weekday. Do you find yourself more of an everyday writer or a binge writer?

    • Definitely bingy with an everyday flavor when I get into a good rhythm.

  • don’t forget about our fabulous new book cover designer! Kevin Barrett Kane- http://fgpress.com/kevin-barrett-kane/ He is awesome. 🙂

    • Indeed! All hail Kevin.

  • yazinsai

    Most people start off a book with alot of enthusiasm and lose steam after about a third of the way through. As an author, how are you able to see it through especially when you’re schedule’s full and finding time is really difficult? (Is having people motivate you, like the example above, a big part of it or is there more to it?)

    P.S.: Can’t wait to grab that book!

    • I just keep grinding and grinding and grinding until I’m done.

      • You mean it’s not the FG Press chocolate bars that keep @bfeld:disqus going…… ? 😉

  • Mariah Lichtenstern

    Thank God for muses.