Venture Deals – Online Class – 3rd Edition

Jason and I are once again doing the Venture Deals online class as part of the Kauffman Fellows Academy. The course begins on Monday (9/29/14) so sign up now if you are interested.

This will be the third time we are doing this course. We are having a lot of fun with it and love the dynamics of working with the Kauffman Fellows Academy. The feedback has been generally excellent and we’ve tried to take into consideration all the suggestions we’ve heard about what we can do better.

We’ll be actively involved with hangouts during the course as well as on the message boards. If you are interested in really understanding how venture deals and startup financings work, please join us for the course.

  • Rick

    I took a look at the topics list. Looks nice!

    • Thanks. If you are interested in this topic, I’d like to think it’s the most comprehensive course around.

  • Brad, hi how are you?

    I’m very interested in doing the course, however I will have very little time until October 18, which means I will not be a very good student for the first half of the course. I would be fully “there” for the second half and make a point to catch up as required.

    I don’t know the structure of the course and so I’m unsure as to whether it would be sensible / doable to proceed on that basis, and I wouldn’t want to wear out my welcome by doing something less than wholeheartedly.

    Do you think I should pass?

    • I think this would likely work.

  • François Recorbet

    Hi Brad,
    I’ve already read your book which I found extremely instructive, and I can just assume that the course would give even extra value.
    As I’m based in Paris, France, how does it work with live sessions and time zones?

    • Live sessions are mid-day US time but the course is effective even if you just review them after the fact.

  • Andrew

    Hi Brad,

    Looking forward to participating in this course. Is there a coupon code like last time? 🙂

  • Drew V

    It finally works out in my schedule! Just signed up this afternoon. Looking forward to it.

    • Super – look forward to seeing you there.

  • Hi Brad (and fellow students!),
    Looking forward to the course – we are launching in iTunes next week so this will truly be a learning-by-doing/doing-by-learning experience for me.