I’ve decided to try something new on this blog. Rather than using up full posts for short announcements, I’ve added a new block for announcements at the top of the home page. It’s in orange, will generally be only a few lines, and include a link.

Announcement Block

Since these are just blog posts being formatted differently, they will show up in the RSS feed and the daily email. In addition, there is a page in the Archives for the announcements.

Archived Annoucements

If you have any feedback on this (good or bad), I’d love to hear it.

  • alimoeeny

    So they are also excluded from email notifications (newsletter) right?

    • They should actually also be in the newsletter.

  • Larry

    Marketing is the fall of civilization.

    • Blake

      I’d partially agree: bad marketing is the fall of civilization.

      However, really good marketing is good enough that you don’t even notice it’s marketing, it just seems to fit where it belongs.

  • I think it’s a good idea Brad. Short, quick and to the point messages with link to take action and then easier to find on the site under one page.

  • J franta

    manageable although fwiw when i see lots of orange text i feel somewhat alarmed and distracted from the longer form texts (which is more your bread and butter as a writer i think).

    • Thx. Still playing around with color / formatting – super helpful feedback.

  • If it’s what it’s gonna be, then we’ll have to adjust, but personally I find the orange announcements with the same font size as regular blog post too “in your face”. It would work best IMO, if you moved them to the right column at the top. Either way, I’d recommend a different font size. And ultimately you’ll know by trying out various options. It’ll largely depend on what WP plugin is available for this, for example, WordPress Awesome Announcements Plugin (

    Also, I would say it is a great move to separate the announcements from the main blog posts.

    At the end of the day, it’s your blog which you are kind enough to provide, and so it’s completely up to you Dude.

  • That’s a tough one. My first reaction was that it was a bit distracting, especially that the format is the same as the blog posts. I had to scroll down and figure out – “where does the most recent post start?”
    What if they were posted in the margins?

  • Blake

    Great idea Brad. You might try to figger out a way that people can elect to exclude this from their RSS readers if it’s not too complicated.

    • I looked into it but there’s not an easy way to do this.