Stannis Baratheon – King of Westeros, Lord of Grammar

It’s always a fun experience to be laying on the couch next to my wife Amy watching something on our 90″ TV when suddenly she grabs the remote, says “that’s awesome”, rewinds, and plays it again. It’s especially humbling when it has to do with grammar.

We’ve both been fans of Stannis Baratheon and regularly refer to him as the one true king when we talk about him. As in “Stannis The One True King.” Two weeks ago, Stannis demonstrated that he’s also the Lord of Grammar.

Last night, every time we saw Stannis, we cried our “Stannis The One True King and Lord of Grammar.” It turns out this isn’t the first time he’s done this (although it’s the first time we noticed.) See the following clip from Season 2.

The dude has my vote.

  • Kelly James

    I can’t believe no one has commented! As long as Melisandre is by his side he’s no king of mine. He can be Lord of Grammar but there is only one true queen of Westeros.

    • I sense that will be resolved relatively soon… And you are correct – the mother of dragons needs to spend some time with Stannis.

  • I dunno, Brad. I thought you were cool until I found out you support a Baratheon. 😛

    #khaleesi #theonetruequeen

    • We are very conflicted. We believe Khaleesi is the one true queen. And Stannis is the one true king. And John Snow is our true hero.

      • I don’t know if you’ve read the books or if you’re into the fan theories, but here are the two most important ones that are supported by quite a bit of evidence:

        The importance of Jon Snow (6:19):

        Who’s most likely Azor Ahai, a.k.a. the prophetic future savior of the 7 Kingdoms (16:22):

        **No spoilers here, all info is based on events from the book that have already passed in the show. But Stannis’ chances are looking rocky at best!

  • Hahaha – Lord of Grammar!

    Don’t you think the show is moving in a drastically different direction than the books? I think this is a great move by the show’s creators (makes the storylines more compact and coherent). Though, I do hope book 6 and 7 come out before the show ends in a few years.

    • Yes – and that’s been broadcast widely by the show’s creators. It’ll be very interesting to see how the two things link up.

  • Geeky

  • One True queen with a smart little Lannister as her counsel and John Snow is the Lord /true king of the North!