New Story – Help Fund A Home in Haiti

I got a random email from Brett Hagler last Thursday asking me to help his startup New Story.

I looked at his web site and quickly told him it wasn’t something we’d be into exploring as an investment. He wrote back immediately, telling me that he wasn’t looking for investment, but had created a non-profit that used crowdfunding to finance and build life-changing houses around the world.

Our mission is to create life-changing stories that transform communities. We’re focused on funding 100 homes in 100 days in Leveque, Haiti.

I looked at the website with a different angle – one of a donor. Amy and I are huge supporter of sites like GiveForwardDonorsChoose and CrowdRise. When I took a second look from that perspective, I got excited about helping Brett out.

I just contributed $1,000 to Fenise and family.

I get asked often by readers of Feld Thoughts how they can do something for me. Let’s band together and build Fenise and family a house. We are only $5,000 away from changing the life of a family in Haiti.

  • hey guys – here to answer any questions! Just fyi, we give 100% of your donation to home construction, and will send you a video of the family in their new home once it’s build (only two months!).

    • Brett, you should come down here to miami, there is a huge Haitian community, and I’m sure we can rally people behind your cause. Learn as much as you can from charitywater, their excellent marketing has helped them immensely.

  • Alexander Mark

    Such a great cause 🙂 Contributed a small amount + shared

  • That ‘thank you page’ is perfect. So cool.

  • Now at $3,135 raised, 52% to get the houses fully funded!

  • I”ve made a contribution, but as Fenise’s fundraising was complete, thanks to your input, I’ve donated to another family. Helping someone else always feels good, so thanks for the ask.

    • Awesome. You are a good man!

      • It’s so happens that philanthropy is something I feel strongly about. As a matter of fact I’m currently building a philanthropic website that allows regular (in other words “borderline-poor” people) to donate to others, but on a membership basis for $4.77/month. It will allow them to impact the world while at the same time increasing their positive Karma. So it’s a win-win all around. “Philanthropy for the masses” you could call it.

  • Jack Bonneau

    My dad showed me this and I thought how awesome to help a family like this! I pledged to donate one third of my profits from my 4 lemonade stands ( to charities. Thank you Mr. Feld for the chance to do this. Can’t wait to see the videos!

    Jack (my dad did help me to write this)

    • Awesome! Thanks Jack.