Cross Dressing With My Email

Here’s a perplexing thing to ponder.

After trying virtually every email configuration on iPhone and Android devices, the best experience that I have had so far is using Microsoft Outlook on my Apple iPhone to access Google Gmail.

I’ve been using Outlook on my iPhone for the past few months. I’ve tried several times to go back to Apple Mail, but it is impossibly bad when compared to Outlook. I’ve also tried using the Google iOS Gmail client, which – while better than Apple Mail – is still very klutzy at certain things.

I know that Microsoft Outlook is really Acompli rebranded at Outlook, but in the eight months since the acquisition the product has continued to get better and better.

Go figure.

  • Brian Weisberg

    Interesting. Plus the former Sunrise calendar app.

    I’ve been resisting the urge to switch, but I may have to check it out now.

    • I tried Sunrise and didn’t like it that much. I know lots of folks swear by it but something was odd for me.

      • Brian Weisberg

        I’m definitely in the “swear by” camp. I tried Mailbox a while back and had a reaction similar to your Sunrise experience.

      • What was it that made you feel something was odd about Sunrise? We’re digging into the Calendar component now.

        • I still have Sunrise installed, but hardly use it. When meetings are moved or cancelled, it still alerts me to them because it’s still on the sunrise calendar–not updated, when I’ve scheduled meetings or appointments in Sunrise, it would do it in GMT instead of the phone’s time zone, etc. Lastly, it would not show new meetings until after they had started sometimes, if at all.

          I have an iPhone 6+ and Office 365.

          I like Outlook mobile, especially clutter, but I also have frequent problems with Outlook ios, both on the 6+ and iPad Air 2. The main problem is is not reading email–that works well enough, but I frequently can’t reply. The keyboard shows up on the top half of the screen, or once I type 2-3 letters of the first word of the response, it stops accepting or at least showing characters at all. My only recourse then is to close the response and delete the draft, go back to Apple Mail and respond.

          So as clunky as Apple Mail may be, and as much as ios Calendar annoys me, at least they work consistently.

          • Strange on the iOS Outlook issue. I haven’t seen this probably at all.

  • Thank you for the suggestion! Going to give it a try.

  • A near-ultimate paradox.

    What would you have told someone who predicted that back in 2007 when the iPhone came out? He he…

    • I would have laughed out loud.

      • I’m laughing now thinking about it.

        • agreed … although it makes me want to cry instead of laugh (or alternatively build the app needed).

  • This is why Google gets me to keep buying their Nexus phones, as Gmail app works great.

  • DaveJ

    All I want to say is that I am glad the headline was merely a metaphor, and that there were no photos.

  • Douglas Ferguson

    I just started using boxer and I love it…

  • Really happy to see you’re still loving the app, the team’s been working hard.

  • Rick

    Get rid of email. It’s an archaic system! You can use other systems that support electronic mail protocols.

    • Hal Cooper

      Do you know what a system that supports e mail protocols is called? Email!

  • I’m hoping Outlook for iOS will deep link from the address field to Google Maps for iOS, not to the default Apple Maps. That’s why I use the Sunrise & Mailbox combo for now, but Sunrise also bought by Microsoft so maybe that will get baked in.

  • Sue

    Thanks for the rec. I’m cross-dressing this week too to see how it goes. I finally abandoned ios calendar in favor of Google, which, alas, is not nearly as usable on web. Inching toward perfection… I think Apple should be concerned about its failure to match up with functional apps from Goog or Msft. Their advantage of cross-device hardware synch to me goes down as I start replacing their software on mobile.

    • RBC

      +1 great comment!

  • It’s ironic – I’ve been doing the same thing. Sunrise for calendar management. Outlook for mail. Best combo yet.

  • iAMAG Tech shorthand for LGBT? : )

  • Michael

    Do you use Gmail categories? That feature has saved my sanity when it comes to sorting through mailing lists vs. direct correspondence.

    • I think you mean Labels, right? Yes, but only to tag things for future look up.

  • Jasterix

    I’m ready to give up on email altogether

    Gmail’s new tabs and categories is a step in the right direction, but unfortunately too many brands (including those who have no business doing so) have oversubscribed to the nonstop “customer engagement” model