More Thoughts on Sources of Insecurities

I received plenty of interesting feedback on my post titled Sources of InsecuritiesA good friend and one of our investors, Jamey Sperans, even put together a slide trying to process the concept. If you were interested in the original post, I expect it’ll be fun to ponder Jamey’s slide on a Sunday morning.

  • Jo T.

    That’s very cool!

    I also wonder if there’s a fourth circle somewhere: “other people’s perception of you,” which can lead to bias, discrimination, and/or priorities imposed by others.

    I’ve long thought that an entrepreneur’s biggest challenge is from within: the need to forego other people’s affirmation and the need to shed one’s own personal insecurities, both of which face challenges in times of stress.

  • The closer you can get to Self Perception, and Who We are In Fact, the easier it is to find your Aspirational Self.

    • Andrew Cashion

      What do you mean by “closer” to self perception? As to who we are?

      I struggle with self perception.

      What is something we find out when we get closer?

  • Jamey Sperans

    I was thinking that the intersection of these three modes would be something like the “Actualized Self,” a sort of psychological enlightenment that would provide the basis for an individual to fulfill their true potential.