Colorado Global EIR Program – Applications Open for 2016

Applications are open for the second group of Colorado Global Entrepreneurs in Residence. If you are interested in applying send a resume and a cover letter, including a statement of interest, to

The Global Entrepreneurs in Residence (GEIR) Program brings international entrepreneurial talent to the CU-Boulder campus and community. GEIRs work across the CU-Boulder campus mentoring students in a wide array of projects requiring an entrepreneurial mindset. GEIRs guest lecture in classrooms, advise on entrepreneurial research, and provide mentorship to CU community members developing their own startups.

If you aren’t familiar with the program, there is detailed information on the CU Boulder Global Entrepreneurs in Residence page and a detailed overview of the GEIR program.

We currently have three Colorado Global EIRs.

We are looking for entrepreneurs with a college or graduate school degree, and with a track record in, or a very
strong interest in, entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, and leadership.

We expect we’ll accept another three EIRs in this group.

Amy and I are proud to be supporting the Global EIR program and the Global EIR Coalition (which I’m on the board of). While Colorado is one of three states to have a program (the others are Massachusetts and New York) we are about to launch a few other states, including one I’m particularly excited about.

If you are interested in getting involved and bringing the Global EIR Coalition to your state, send me an email and I’ll connect you with the right person. If you are interested in applying to be part of the Colorado GEIR program, apply by email at

  • Speaking as one of the current Global EIR’s at CU Boulder, this program has been completely life changing and we’re very thankful to @bfeld and Amy for their support in making this very important opportunity available. I’d be very happy to share my thoughts and experiences with any potential candidates for the program!

  • I can only +1 @nigelsharp:disqus and thanking Brand and Amy. Being part of the Boulder community is amazing. For people in Colorado (or anywhere else) who want to be in touch with the GEIRS, you can write us at

  • Hector

    Ditto with my two colleagues in my appreciation for the program & sponsors. This is a great opportunity and a straight shot of energy in oneself and into the community. Get in touch!

  • PRei

    Great news ! I am glad this is moving forward. It brings entrepreneurs from outside US a great way to develop their dreams and, on top of it, do it in this country.

    Congratulations to Julien and Nigel. Y enhorabuena para ti tambien Hector (soy de Valencia 🙂 )

  • 952Limos

    At what age did you officially consider yourself an entrepreneur?

    • Around 20 when I started my first company.

    • Around 20 when I started my first company.