Homer, Alaska and the Super Bowl

I was at a Nima board meeting today and was asked by a new friend on the team about my link to Homer, Alaska. After a brief explanation, I said “McDonald’s made Homer famous around some Super Bowl by making a completely inappropriate TV ad there.” I couldn’t remember the year – I thought it was in the 1980s somewhere.

It was 1990. Google found it immediately. It’s hilarious, and completely inappropriate. This is where Amy and I live, some of the time.

And then after the game.

San Francisco destroyed Denver 55-10. Don’t ask me why I knew that.

  • Matt Kruza

    perhaps my pc radar is off.. how completely inappropriate? just making fun of a podunk out there town? interesting to see how spartan commercial productions were in 1990 for one of the biggest advertising companies in the world in McDs

  • Scott

    Did they use Homer because of the play on words of being a “homer” and being a true, long standing fan, even for just one day, just to win a McD meal? Not getting how this is completely inappropriate either. Dumb, yes. And being someone who hasn’t eaten in a McD’s since I was 10 (41 years ago), I thought it was sort of cute.

  • MorganHoward

    @scott_brook:disqus @mattkruza:disqus The commercial is inappropriate because it plays on tired stereotypes. It shows a lack of creativity on the part of the advertising agency. (I know, it’s from way back in 1990). “Simple-minded, country folk” who think the 49ers are from Tampa. We all know at least one couple that lives in Homer (part-time) that doesn’t fit this stereotype. I know several.

    And of course, we’re so good at perpetuating caricatures of American Indians (in this case Alaska Natives) under the guise of cute and innocent, that any criticism is seen as too PC.

    • Scott

      Yes, I know someone who lives in Homer that certainly does not fit any of those typical stereotypes. I was just curious if Homer was chosen because of the play on words.

  • Well I thought that was pretty funny!

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