Boulder Tube to Work Day

Many cities around the world have bike to work day. We take it up a level in Boulder and have an annual tube to work day which occurred today.

The gang at Sphero went all in and decided to make it a Raft to Work day. They tried hard, but ended up with a classic FAIL blog experience.

Enjoy a laugh at the end of the week after a troubling few days in the world.

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    • That is such a classic. Brad Pitt locks 12 years old.

      • Did you happen to notice that the young Norman was played by Joseph Gordon Levitt in his first movie?

  • That was awesome! FullContact had a Tube to Work fail day as well. Ended up with skinned shins, numb butts, an appreciation for helmets, and a realization we need MUCH bigger tubes. Oh, and I had a Ziplock bag fail, and my iPhone is waterlogged drying out in a bag of rice right now.

  • That was fun. It makes me doubly excited about Sphero going to the International Space Station soon…

  • Chad Piatek

    This is exactly what separates boulder from the pack!