Podcast Saturday – Meet Lindel Eakman

My partner Lindel Eakman just did a really fun interview with Harry Stebbings on Harry’s 20 Minute VC Podcast. You can listen to it here or subscribe to the 20 Minute VC on iTunes.

As a Saturday bonus, two of the other podcasts in my regular rotation are the Reboot Podcast and How I Built This. I listened to the VICE: Suroosh Alvi interview yesterday and it was fantastic.

The show notes for Harry’s interview with Lindel follow.

1.) How Lindel made his way into the weird and wonderful world of LPs and then Foundry? What is the origin story behind is first fund investment, Union Square Ventures?

2.) Question from Michael Kim @ Cendana: How is Lindel approaching portfolio construction for Foundry Next? What combination of GP portfolio & direct exposure diversifies the portfolio while retaining upside through individual deal performance?

3.) With the direct co-investment platform how does Lindel look to mitigate the negative signalling that can occur with opportunity funds? Does Lindel agree with Chris Douvos in stating this could lead to the ‘hybridisation of GP and LP’?

4.) Where do most prospective fund managers fail when pitching to LPs? What does Lindel look for in a risk strategy for a potential fund investment?

5.) What are the biggest problems with the LP community today? What would Lindel like to see change? What do the financial compensation plans look like for LPs?

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  • I was thinking about that episode when I first woke up this morning as I listened to it yesterday. I find Lindel impressive. Furthermore, he seems to have played an important initial role in USV and Foundry. Then, you became close friends which led to his eventual role at Next where he now harnesses his LP experience doing what he seemingly truly likes, and with his friends to boot. This is a great story all around of how to mix work and pleasure. You could all go home and retire peacefully, and yet this is what you elect to do, Kudos.

    • Thanks. You captured the evolution of the relationship well. Lindel has had a profound impact on my / our journey and he’s become an extremely close friend – in addition to being an awesome partner.