Support Startups for Net Neutrality

The new leader of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Chairman Ajit Pai, has said he wants to roll back existing net neutrality rules that prevent big cable companies from discriminating against online companies and services. Congress is lining up behind him.

Engine Advocacy , Y Combinator, and Techstars are organizing a letter opposing these actions, signed by startups, investors, accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneurs.

Ten zillion words have been written about Net Neutrality. In 2015, the FCC put in place light touch net neutrality rules that not only prohibit certain harmful practices, but also allow the Commission to develop and enforce rules to address new forms of discrimination. It is rumored that Chairman Pai is planning to replace this system with a set of minimum voluntary commitments, which would give a green light for Internet access providers to discriminate in unforeseen ways.

Help us send a message from startups and entrepreneurs that his rumored action to undermine net neutrality is not ok.


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  • I am all for less regulation, but I cannot understand how this is even being considered. I am for a much smaller government but there still has to be somebody enforcing the playing field. I don’t like when people use wild analogies but this is like saying it’s ok for the Mafia to shake down businesses. Verizon: Hey startup I see you are getting some traction…you need to pay us or your customers are going to get really slow access……just saying.

  • taptaptap

    I’m shocked that this uphill battle is still going on. Every six months it seems to come under attack from lobbyists.

    • The people / companies that want it to go away / be undermined have a LOT of money.

      • taptaptap

        Mark Shuttleworth & the Mozilla teams have been fighting this for a decade plus. Good more people are getting involved. Feels a bit like the scene below.

  • Allan R Johnston

    We need net neutrality if we want to keep a competitive and innovative startup culture in America. How or what can Alaskan entrepreneurs do to help?

    • For the time being, sign on to the letter and spread the word. I expect that we’ll start to have real stuff happening this week once we know what position the FCC is actually taking.