How’s the Performance of Feld Thoughts?

I’ve had continual performance problems with Feld Thoughts over the past few years. Yesterday, we moved the site to Lagrange Systems in an effort to meaningfully improve things. How’s it doing? And, more importantly, what’s your favorite high performance, high availability WordPress configuration?

How Is Your Q1 Going?

Now that we are in March, you should have a pretty good view of how your Q1 is likely to end up. If you are a revenue generating company, you’ve probably got a formally approved 2013 plan by now (if not, why not?) Your board is paying attention to your performance against plan, and you…

Q3 Performance That Blew My Mind

Last night I got an email with a Q3 sales update from a company I’m an investor in for a while. They consistently meet or beat their plan and are an extremely well managed business. Their plan for Q3 was aggressive in my book (and they’ve managed their costs to a lower outcome) had an…