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Newmerix Says Hello To SAP Customers

…” strategy that I’ve used successfully in many of my portfolio companies (Fred Wilson kindly referred to me as the “master of the venture rollup” – fortunately I can count some real masters like Jerry Poch and Len Fassler as mentors.)  If you’ve followed NewsGator’s trajectory, you know that they have acquired three companies to date – FeedDemon/BradSoft, NetNewswire/Ranchero Software, and…


…WYWIWYG – “What-You-Want-Is-What-You-Get.”  Come to Defrag on Nov 5 and 6 in Denver and talk to me (and a bunch of other smart people including folks like David Weinberger, Clay Shirky, JP Rangaswami, Jerry Michalski, Ester Dyson, Doc Searls, Bradley Horowitz, Paul Kedrosky, Chris Shipley) and a long list of others about WYWIWYG. You know you’ve been thinking about registering, but your computer won’t do it…

137 Newbury Street

…or placement.  It’s funny what gets lodged in the brain.  The view from Spark’s conference room was strangely familiar – I remember looking out Joe Shandling, Dave Donohue, Jim Marchiori, and Jerry Whatwashislastname’s windows at the same view.  We spent a lot of time with IHRDC and I hope if anyone is still around they remember us as good guys who worked hard for them.  Queue Twilight Zone music….

My Day1 Talk For Endeavor

…ll you and they can’t eat you The power of a random day I mention plenty of characters – some you’ve heard of on this blog and some new ones. My dad (Stan), Chris and Helena Aves, Dave Jilk, Len Fassler and Jerry Poch, Raj Bhargava, Steve Maggs, my partners Seth, Jason, and Ryan, David Cohen, and of course Amy. When I give a talk like this I never really know where it will go when I start. I don’t prepare –…

The Joy Of Marathoning

…I have a rule about what I can eat the week before a marathon.  It’s a simple rule – I can eat anything I want, and as much of it as I feel like, as long as it is primarily carbohydrates and protein.  Today’s lunch (and yesterday’s lunch) was at Jerry’s Deli in South Beach. Matzo Brie and Kasha Varniska.  That feels somehow fitting for a high carbo/protein meal in South Beach….