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Weekly Techstars Diversity / Inclusion Office Hours in New York City

Nov 14 2016
The day after the election, Alex Iskold (Techstars NY Managing Director) wrote a great post titled Dear Founders, I Commit to Double My Support For You and Your Startups. It’s vintage, wonderful Alex along with a series of specific things he’s going to do. Work even more closely with the founders to help them with their financings. Help […]
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Office Hours At The Boulder Bookstore On Monday 9/26

Sep 19 2011
Jason Mendelson and I are doing office hours at the Boulder Bookstore on Monday 9/26. We will be hanging out from 2pm – 5pm and chatting with whomever comes by. It’ll also be a chance to buy a copy of Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist from your local bookstore and get […]
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Office Hours on Thursday 11/4/10 at the Boulder Book Store

Oct 27 2010
David Cohen and I will be hanging out at the Boulder Book Store from 1pm to 5pm on Thursday 11/4/10.  Come see us, buy a copy of Do More Faster (and we’ll sign it), and ask us any questions you want.  It’ll be a chaotic version of my Community Hours – instead of having 15 […]
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Office Hours

Jun 17 2008
When I was at MIT, I loved the idea of office hours.  I didn’t use them often, but when I did they were incredibly helpful to me.  When I had focused one on one time with a professor, it took some of the intimidation out of the learning experience and gave me a tight window […]
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Two Hours and Fourteen Minutes of Intense Anxiety

Dec 28 2019
Amy and I went to see Uncut Gems last night. It was a gem of a movie. Adam Sandler was magnificent. My inner 14 year old loves his puerile movies and when I read the New York Times Magazine article Adam Sandler’s Everlasting Shtick around Thanksgiving I knew I had to see this movie. Amy […]
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Community Hours – Trying Something New for Random Meetings

Aug 27 2009
I’ve been a long time practitioner of having “random meetings” where I meet with whomever wants to get together with me.  Some amazing things have come out of this over the years, including my first meeting with David Cohen which turned into TechStars. I’ve decided to try something different for the next few months.  Rather […]
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Techstars MetLife Looking for Companies Addressing Mental Health

Mar 30 2019
I’ve been open about my journey with depression and the importance of addressing and destigmatizing issues around mental health. So I was excited that one of our Techstars programs – the MetLife Digital Accelerator powered by Techstars – is looking closely at mental health startups for their 2019 class. If you’re a founder innovating in […]
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Spending The Day With Another VC Firm

May 27 2014
A few weeks ago Hunter Walk and Satya Patel of Homebrew, a one year old seed-stage VC firm that my partners and I are investors in, came and spent the day in Boulder. This wasn’t the typical “hey – I want to come see you for a meal when I’m in town” kind of meeting that happens […]
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Spark Boulder is Giving Student Entrepreneurs a Home

Mar 07 2014
One of the key components of any university is space for studying, acting, writing, and painting – but what about space for starting up companies? The University of Colorado Boulder has been at the forefront of breeding and teaching entrepreneurship for many years now, but it has been missing a communal area where student entrepreneurs […]
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