Jun 21 2004

Geolocation and law enforcement – Quova

When Raj Bhargava came up with the idea for Quova in 1999, one of his initial examples was that law enforcement would eventually focus on the Internet as a way to track bad guys that did bad things. Quova has had good success in the government marketplace and today announced that it was partnering with a company called Forensic Explorers to launch a new product called GeoLookup.

Forensic Explorers NetWitness product models what users do with computer networks. Quova’s GeoPoint software instantly determines the real-world geographic location of a web site visitor. The combination enables NetWitness to incorporate real-time geolocation into their product – immediately helping identify the geographic location of an Internet attack or suspect based on their IP address.

Both the Internet and the world is a big place. Hopefully products like GeoLookup help make it a safer place when used correctly.