Mar 12 2008

Defragging The Scary Place Called My Brain

My partner Ryan put up another post on the Foundry Group blog about our Implicit Web theme.  This is a theme that is particularly interesting and useful to me since I spend so much time in front of my computer trying to deal with and synthesize a never ending stream of data and information.

I want my computer to do more of the work for me.  I want the web to figure stuff out for me.  I want my computer to learn.  I want my friends’ behavior and interests to inform mine.  I want people I don’t know but am connected to through other people I trust to help me find things.  I want a pony.

A couple of years ago my path crossed with Eric Norlin.  Out of our interactions emerged a conference called Defrag.  The first version of Defrag happened last fall – as is typical of my schemes, I always have an evil plan.  In this case is was to get in the middle of a bunch of really smart people and hear what they think about the wide range of problems we addressed at Defrag (which was a proxy for the concept of the Implicit Web.)  Eric talked about this in his post today titled On Community-driven tech conferences.

My evil plan worked great and I learned a ton.  We’re doing Defrag 2008 in – surprise – 2008 (11/3 and 11/4 to be exact.)  I’m continuing to spend a lot of time looking at, thinking about, and investing in the Implicit Web between now and then.  And reading as much Alex Iskold as he will write.