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Brad Feld on Nietzsche for creators

Eliot Peper interviewed Brad Feld about his new book that explores the implications of Nietzsche's ideas for entrepreneurs, artists, and makers—offering an invaluable philosophical toolkit to anyone building something new.

Endeavor Presents: Leading Through Crisis featuring Brad Feld and Chris Schroeder

In this strategy session, longtime Endeavor Mentor Chris Schroeder interviews Techstars Co-founder and Foundry Group Managing Director Brad Feld. Not only has Brad authored the most authoritative playbook today for entrepreneurs seeking VC funding, but he has over a decade of experience mentoring entrepreneurs and helping them navigate through crises.

Nietzsche and the Rebels: A Conversation with Brad Feld & Krishna K. Gupta


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Fr. Francisco Nahoe:

Brad Feld's New Book:

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Start Ups, Says Brad Feld, More Important Now Than Ever

Claudia Cragg speaks here for @KGNU #ItsTheEconomy with Brad Feld @bfeld. Brad is a writer and speaker on the topics of venture capital investing and entrepreneurship. He’s written a number of books as part of the Startup Revolution series and writes the blogs Feld Thoughts and Venture Deals. Boulder, CO, he says is important as an example right now, not not only exemplifying his BoulderThesis, but laying out a blueprint that other communities can follow.

Why Brad Feld Thinks Founders Need to Be Open About Mental Health

On this week's episode of The Human Factor, Eric Schurenberg is joined by Techstars and Foundry Group co-founder Brad Feld. Feld has done pretty much everything--he's an entrepreneur, author, blogger, investor, mentor and dyed-in-the-wool iconoclast, but also, he's frank about the things a lot of founders struggle with, like failure and mental health.